• Distant Land Weather Fix MGE for Morrowind

    Updated to version 1.2:
    Overcast weather now activates the distant land.

    Similar to Yacoby's Distant Land Interior Fix, this plug-in aims to correct the MGE Infinite View Distance in weather other than clear or cloudy. If the weather is not clear or cloudy, the distant land will be disabled to simulate realism, and when the weather is clear,

    uploaded 20:10, 31 Dec 2006 338 15 3kb Supernatural JTalbain

  • Amulet of Oblivion for Morrowind

    Update 1.1 --------------------------------------
    Increased Fatigue regen rate. Added Health regen.

    After playing Oblivion I felt like going back and playing Morrowind only to be disgusted by no magicka regen and losing fatigue while running. Well, this fixes that. On top of the lighthouse in Seyda Neen there is an Amulet that has: Restor

    uploaded 6:07, 29 Dec 2006 2,653 55 2kb blazhen

  • Enchantment Multiplier for Morrowind

    Change the value of FEnchantmentMult from 0.1 to 0.2, 0.3, 0.5 and 1.0.
    The items have 2, 3, 5 or 10 times more enchantment point.
    Require Morrowind + Tribunal + Bloodmoon.

    uploaded 20:41, 26 Dec 2006 1,882 113 1kb bjam

  • Warriors for Morrowind

    This mod adds 3 NPCs at the fighters guild in Balmora. To install the plugin, unzip the files into the Morrowind\
    Data Files directory. This mod requires MCA plugin.

    uploaded 14:48, 26 Dec 2006 63 2 3kb The Berserker

  • Sexy Daedric Armor Mark II for Morrowind

    This mod adds two sets of Daedric armor (each comprised of 1
    greaves and 1 cuirass), 1 pair of pauldrons, 1 pair of Daedric
    boots with heels, and 2 dresses. Additionally, there is also 1
    "new" pair of greaves and "new" boots each...these are nothing
    more than alternate arrangements of the in-game daedric greaves
    and boots, for tho

    uploaded 5:44, 23 Dec 2006 4,465 223 1,075kb Cenobite

  • Sadrith Mora Closed City for Morrowind

    Makes Sadrith Mora an off-limits city to non-Telvanni, as it is frequently described in game. Either join House Telvanni, or purchase Hospitality Papers from the Gateway Inn to enter the city.

    It is possible to sneak in, but you won't be able to buy anything, or speak to anyone, and guards will chuck you out.

    Additional Changes:
    Two small

    uploaded 16:46, 21 Dec 2006 3,386 104 194kb Crustacean

  • Pundaab Playset for Morrowind

    This seems to have slipped off of the sites due to it's age, so I'm uploading it again. IT'S NOT BY ME, I AM BY NO MEANS TAKING CREDIT FOR THIS RESOURCE!

    uploaded 9:33, 21 Dec 2006 77 5 565kb DanteLucef

  • [BETA] Super Suran for Morrowind

    Beta release of Super Suran, for testing purposes ONLY.

    uploaded 2:10, 21 Dec 2006 44 0 7,845kb JamesW

  • Muffinwind for Morrowind

    It is time to embark upon an adventure unlike any you've ever experienced before.
    From the perilous depths of the Master Baker's tomb, to the terrible Bakeries of Necrom, to ancient and forgotten temples, and to the depths of the Muffin Realm itself, the Nerevarine must rally their allies and prepare Morrowind for the greatest conflict it h

    uploaded 17:31, 18 Dec 2006 611 24 31,440kb CowGuru

  • Werewolf realism Vampire Werewolf patch for Morrowind

    ***Werewolf realism - Vampire Werewolf patch***
    By blade9722

    v0.1 alpha

    -- Description

    This is a trivial fix which allows to play Sabregirl Werewolf Realism and Cortex Vampire Werewolf mods together.
    It simply changes Sabregirl WereCheckScript by commenting this three lines:

    ;if ( PCVampire == 1 ) ;MAKE SURE PC CAN'T BE VAMP AND WE

    uploaded 13:47, 17 Dec 2006 272 9 3kb blade9722

  • masters lodge for Morrowind

    This is something like masters guilds in Balamora, this mod add new location in city with new npc's. Every npc's has primary skills at maximum level, and they training and sell rare things. Inside guild is storage area and very dangerous basement.

    uploaded 12:29, 17 Dec 2006 264 7 48kb poorfool

  • balmora rands house for Morrowind

    It is great house in Balmora near the river and siltrider.
    Inside house is dark, so if you use the candles, you can create a realy nice look. There is two big rooms with shelves, tables, chests, everything is empty, so you have realy much place for you equipment.

    uploaded 11:18, 17 Dec 2006 1,845 17 16kb poorfool