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Adds an office to the Redoran Council Entrance that is available to the player once the rank of Archmaster is achieved.

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Redoran Archmaster's Office
by Denina

About this mod:
Made for the 2021 Spring Modjam, theme was Redoran. I always thought running a great house would be a lot of administrative work, but in game there is very little evidence of any administration whatsoever for any of the great houses. There was a little evidence of it in Bolvyn Venim's manor with the room/office he's in but once the player inherits the title of Archmaster, s/he has no place to work. So, this is an attempt to correct this.

The office is located in the Redoran Council Entrance. After defeating Bolvyn Venim, you have to return to Athyn Sarethi. He will give you the key to the office. Breaking in prior to achieving this rank is not advised.

This is intended to be role-playing friendly, and (hopefully?) worthy of the Redoran Archmaster.

Version 2.2
Fixes a Journal entry for the HR_Archmaster quest that will clear it from the journal upon completion.

Version 2.1
Fixed a dialogue error that would give you the key over and over again. Should only get it once now.
Added scripted NPCs: a cleaner who will come in at night and a secretary during the day.

Version 2.0
Changed out the sofa for a less modern-looking one that Vegetto made for me.

Credits, in alphabetical order:

Arcimaestro Antares - Animations, scripts. (Scripts have been slightly modified.)

Bethesda: 'Nuff said.

Danae: Scripted the NPCs for day/night scheduling. She made the icon for the mugs. She helped troubleshoot and test. She gave me a lot of feedback and made several suggestions, and tweaked a few things. Would not have finished in time for the ModJam without her help with the dialogue.

Denina: Large swirlwood chest <Kitbashed in Nifskope, mesh and textures are Bethesda's.

Kiteflyer61: Swirlwood desk, swirlwood bookcases, tea set, silverware mugs of beverages <- The first two items are from Denina's Household Resources. . Tea set items are from Pillow Mage Manor resource or from the Tea Mod. (see below).

Stuporstar: Hutches, sideboard, napkins, ladles, tea towels, kitchen items that aren't from vanilla, rugs, tapestries, pillows <- Pillow Mage Manor:

Tewlwolow and Danae: Sofa texture <Original texture was Tew's, but Danae darkened it to better match the tapestry.

Tewlwolow: Simplified some shapes to optimize data loading.

Vegetto: Sofa mesh.

If there's anyone I overlooked for credits, I sincerely apologize. Please let me know and I will be happy to update this ASAP!

I want to say thank you to everyone who helped make this mod better, including those who reported bugs so I could fix them.

Everything in this mod is free to use, just please give credit.

Recommended Mods to enhance this one:
Antares Big Mod:

Pillow Mage Manor by Stuporstar and Denina <I used several resources to make this mod. If you want more or just want to redecorate, there's a handy shop for you to buy them in and you can acquire a new home in Balmora, if you want.

Tea Mod by Stuporstar: - Screenshots on this page. Scroll to the bottom of the page for download link.

Writing and Journal Enchanced by Aerelorn:

I don't know of any mods that adds anything to the Redoran Council Entrance that would cause conflicts. If you know of any, please let me know.

Built-in compatibility with Ashfall.

Constructive feedback is always welcome.