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Added: 10/09/2015 - 08:10PM
Updated: 18/06/2017 - 12:45AM

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Last updated at 0:45, 18 Jun 2017 Uploaded at 20:10, 10 Sep 2015

Vimeo link for US :

Description :

mimic the original art direction pre downgrade ( mostly the 2014 build ), this is the only purpose of this mod, it does not add anything or remove anything, this is not supposed to be " better " than vanilla, this is made specifically made for those who preferred the original look of the game pre downgrade, and because of the nature of modding of this game and the tools, if you dont accept the fact that a mod of this size will always have issues her and there, then use vanilla, its perfectly fine



- tweak to novigrad coloring and vegetation
- tweak to Velen lighting and vegetation
- fixed velen vegetation specularity
- tweak to skellige lighting
- fixed fire bloom in certain interiors
- fixed fire bloom in caves, now its back to default values
- fixed skellige overbloom issue while a certain quest is active
- fixed Mid clouds weather condition clouds lighting
- tweaked clouds lighting/visibility for novigrad and velen

Be sure to check Ramccoid CLOUDS mod :


- fixed noman's land saturation


- fixed clouds exposure issues and texture compatibility HD rework


- revamped every zone starting with the original setting
- now zones have a more distinct feel between each other
- completely removed the projector behind geralt
- fixed the red mist bug after completing the swamp questline 
- reduced the projector light during cutscene ( this might cause certain cutscene to be too dark, might fix in a future update )
- fixed all over exposure issues
- fixed most of the sun shape/form issues
- fog amount now depend on Tod, less during day and a slightly more during sunset ect ..
- fixed most of vegetation translucency issues, this is cannot be completely fixed as translucency does not work on grass
- revamped vegetation translucency/lighting now coloring depending on Tod like vanilla
- cutscene now use the default tonemapping to prevent over exposure
- imported cirrus layer clouds from B&W, while it work mostly it will require further tweaking in an update
- implemented anamorphic lensflare for the sun ( in certain Tod ) and firelight sources, because of the very hacky nature of this, mods that change lensflare are not compatible 
- fixed AO in shadowed areas
- increased AO in general
- reduced geralt reflection in certain situation to prevent him from glowing
- rainy weather have been adjusted to fit more STLM mood
- hairbang mod now is part of STLM ( add physic movement to none hairwork hair and make hairwork ponytail slightly longer )


- how do i make my game look like your video/screen shot ? 
- by default the game constantly change weather, i only use " clear " weather, so install debug console and type : changeweather(WT_Clear)

- what setting do you recommend  ?
- everything ultra, and if you got a good machine try rising the vegetation lighting values in user.settings, you can use this guide

- how do i install this ?
- update your game to a recent version, create a folder named " mods " inside your W3 installation, then put STLM inside, thats it

- why comment section is closed? i want to complain !
- everything you need to know about this mod is in this page

- wher's toussaint ?

- its gone, and it will not be supported anymore

- why not support toussaint ?

- i dont like it and i dont have time for it

- whats the plan for future update ?

- mostly fix issues that peoples find, this is most likely the last big STLM update

- is the mod compatible with other mods ?

- yes STLM does not use scripts, so it work with anything, HOWEVER it DOES NOT WORK with any other lighting/weather mod, you are warned and because of how the saving system work in the game you can corrupt your save file with conflicting mods saved inside it 

- wich game version is supported ?

- it should work with any version post mod support patch

- i checked the 2014 footage and it does not exactly look like it ? 

- the lighting system has changed ( among many many other things ) so its impossible to make it look exactly like that, so the idea is use the old footage/screenshots as inspiration rather than perfect reproduction and reproduce when possible

- where can i reach you ?

- @essenthy on twitter, i dont read nexus and rarely CDPR forums


Sarcen, Rmemr for their amazing modding tools, without them STLM wouldnt be possible

Mezziaz for testing

GMSBS_ghost for the tips 

KNG our scripting overlord

and everyone in general on Witcher 3 modding discord

Original Features :

- tweaked IGNI particles and colors ( you have to invest points in igni talents for this to work )
- lighting change for every major zone
- increased view distance
- streamlined lighting between cut scenes and normal global lighting
- streamlined lighting between in-door/caves and normal global lighting
- fog reduction
- high quality AO for normal exploration lighting
- tweaked combat FX particles
- tweaked water reflection



last note :

you are not allowed to include this mod or any of its files in your own mod without my permission first, respect other peoples work