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lighting change for all zones

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mimic the original art direction pre downgrade ( mostly the 2014 build ), this is the only purpose of this mod, it does not add anything or remove anything, this is not supposed to be " better " than vanilla, this is specifically made for those who preferred the original look of the game pre downgrade like me



-fixed fog during cutscene and in certain interiors
-velen has been re done
-removed lense flare from the sun and dirt flare along with it
-lense flare on fire sources is still there
-tweaks for skellige lighting and fog
-re done fog values and coloring for novigrad and velen
-many tweaks to vegetation lighting for novigrad and velen
-removed tonemapping during cutscene, now cutscene look exactly like normal gameplay
-re enabled projector lights during cutscene to avoid pitch black/dark environements

-projector lights behind geralt are still disabled during gameplay
-re done lighting in white orchade
-tweaks to cave lighting
-fixed some of the new Hos zones, support is limited


- How do you remove trees like in the video ?
- go to to your Witcher 3 installation folder then navigate to bin\shaders\speedtree\shaders_directx11 and move somewhere these 2 files : Branches_shadowcast_vs.fx11obj and Branches_vs.fx11obj ( thanks to KNG )

- How do you remove those trees in the distant mountains ?
- open the file user.settings and set MaxVisibilityDepth to 8 or 4

- What is this "ALT" version ?
- its velen lighting in novigrad, if you want a darker more foggy novigrad use that, thats the only difference

- how do i make my game look like your video/screen shot ? 

- by default the game constantly change weather, i only use " clear " weather, so install debug console and type : changeweather(WT_Clear)

- what setting do you recommend  ?
- everything ultra, and if you got a good machine try rising the vegetation lighting values in user.settings, you can use this guide http://www.geforce.com/whats-new/guides/the-witcher-3-wild-hunt-graphics-performance-and-tweaking-guide#the-witcher-3-wild-hunt-tweaking

- how do i install this ?
- update your game to a recent version, create a folder named " mods " inside your W3 installation folder, then put STLM inside, thats it

- why the comment section is closed? i want to complain !
- i dont have time for that, you can always reach me on twitter @essenthy if you want

- wher's toussaint ?

- its gone, and it will not be supported anymore

- why not support toussaint ?

- i dont like it and i dont have time for it

- is the mod compatible with other mods ?
- yes STLM does not use scripts, so it work with anything, HOWEVER it DOES NOT WORK with any other lighting/weather mod, you are warned and because of how the saving system work in the game you can corrupt your save file with conflicting mods saved inside it 

- wich game version is supported ?

- it should work with any version post mod support patch

- i checked the 2014 footage and it does not exactly look like it ? 

- the lighting system has changed ( among many many other things ) so its impossible to make it look exactly like that, so the idea is to use the old footage/screenshots as inspiration rather than perfect reproduction and reproduce when possible


Sarcen, Rmemr for their amazing modding tools, without them STLM wouldnt be possible

and everyone on Witcher 3 modding discord, Mezziaz, KNG, Linas, ScoutBr0, SkacikPL, Stronghim, The_Carasher, erx, Giorgio, Traderain ect ..



last note :

you are not allowed to include this mod or any of its files in your own mod without my permission first, respect other peoples work