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Master Tier ReshadeFX For STLM without performance Drop

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Hi guys!

This is my personal improvement to The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt using the ReshadeFX Suite.
The upgrade was done from the old preset I made with SweetFx and now fully written with Reshade (thank's Crosire)

After hours and hours of work, finally the preset is done with this features:
improve the amazing visual aesthetics without lose performace .

Best settings for light/dark areas and day/night situation with 0 FPS impact (fully tested on GTX 960/970/980 at 1920x1080p and 980ti at 2560x1080p ultrawide 21:9 and 2560x1440p)

Is highly raccomended use this mod for better results:

Super Turbo lighting Mod

Other mods i consider necessary:

No Dirty Lens Effect
Next Gen Stones and Misc
The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project
Absolute Camera

Also remember to calibrate VERY WELL your monitor space color sRGB, brightness and contrast, for superior and stunning experience!   (for calibration)     (for ICC profile, not all monitors listed)

(or search your personal monitor model for an explanation, google will be your friend)

Gameplay captured directly with HereticFX ON and STLM 2.2.1

Music and areas captured in video:
1: Kaer Morhen / Kaer Morhen (OST)
2: Velen Swamp / Geralt of Rivia (OST)
3: Velen / Geralt of Rivia (OST)
4: Novigrad / Merchants of Novigrad (OST)
5: Skellige Isle / The Fields of Ard Skellig (OST)
6: Touissaint / Blood and Wine (OST)

(video: Avidemux, music: Audacity)

Also raccommended in game post-process settings

Sharpening LOW
Vignette OFF
Bloom ON
Sun Shaft ON

Graphics settings raccomended

Shadows MEDIUM
Grass distance HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW (depends on system power)

HDR (the only one option you can disable if u encounter performance drop;
if you want disable it just open sweetfx.cfg and put 0 to hdr setting))
Technicolor 2

Just download and put all the files contain in the zip in x64 folder

Press the "Scroll Lock" key on your keyboard to toggle the preset on and off.

For any explanation, trouble or improvementes ideas of the shader, please contact me!

(This is only the second official ReshadeFX i do, and I don't know how to
promove it; if someone of you want help me to do that i'm glad!)

Here is my personal Facebook page and Youtube channel: subscribe and share if you want support my works and stay updated!

Sorry for the quality of the images, i'm not a master for edit images and videos.
I suggest to download and try it for the best quality.