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Custom clouds and weather for STLM.

Increased particles (X2) for ~1500 FX effects (optional).

Permissions and credits

This mod has 1 goal, making sure that STLM looks good for all weather conditions.

For that, i worked in two ways:
  - Tweaks of weather conditions
  - Tweaks of clouds files

Main features
for clouds:

  - Fixed/reduced lots of exposure problems for almost all clouds, all weathers, all zones.
  - Addition of many clouds to make custom modifications for each weathers / zones.
  - Sun looks better behind clouds.
  - More contrast with clouds at sunset.
for weathers:

  - Added clear weather (WT_Clear) in weather cycle for all zones.
  - Added light clouds weather (WT_Light_Clouds) in weather cycle for WO, Novigrad/Velen and KM.
  - Changed weather probability of occurrence to include WT_Clear and WT_Light_Clouds, keeping the spirit of Vanilla.
  - Same combination of clouds as Vanilla for almost all weathers/zones.
  - Added B&W cloud in Skellige clear weather (WT_Clear).
  - Fixed missing cloud in Mid_Clouds for WO.
  - Increased wind for clear weather (WT_Clear) to avoid flat sea.
  - New Bigger waves for Skellige during storm.
  - New Fixed Vanilla bug with rain_mist emitters in rain_storm_fx (better compatibility with bigger waves).
  - New Fixed invisible rain by switching low rain with rain from B&W at WO, Skellige and KM.
  - Update Added forest_leaves FX effect (80% probability) (without dust) for Rain_Storm (Skellige, Novigrad/Velen) and Heavy_Clouds (WO and KM).
  - Update Added ice particles FX effect from the mod Skellige Ice Breath for Mid_Clouds (20%), Heavy_Clouds (40%) and Mid_Clouds_Fog (60%) for Skellige.
  - New Added dust particles FX effects (with different probabilities) for WT_Clear at WO and Novigrad/Velen.
  - Update Added foggy weather (WT_Mid_Clouds_Fog) for WO, KM (small probabilty) and Skellige (medium probability).
  - New Better foliage/water color consistency between bad and good weather for all weathers / zones.
  - New New bad weather env for WO.
  - New Fixed yellow clouds (from Volumetric Clouds) at Skellige for Heavy_Dark_Clouds weather.


  - New Reduced overexposure dawn at WO.
  - New Reduced specular grass (grey, white grass) for WO and KM.
  - New More DOF for bad weathers.

for FX effects (ZZZFX):

  - Increased numbers of particles (X2) for ~1500 FX effects (water, quests, cutscenes, dust, signs, monsters, animals, spells, characters, environment, gameplay, weapons etc..)
  - Cover all the game and DLC.
  - Compatible with Better FX, Improved Particle Systems and Brutal Bloods.

It's optional and can be used with any lighting/weather mods.

There are 2 mains versions (use only one):
  - Custom Clouds and Weathers for STLM 3.2.
  - Custom Clouds and Weathers Less Wind for STLM 3.2 based on the mod More Realistic Wind Effect.

To give you an idea of some changes:


  - Unzip package into your witcher game directory.
  - My mod need priority over STLM (Normally it's good).
  - Do not merge with Script Merger.

How to uninstall:

  - Delete the mods/mod00CustomCloudsWeathers and the DLC/DLCCustomCloudsWeathers folder.
  - Delete the mods/ZZZFX.

Thanks to:

  - Essenthy for Super Turbo lighting Mod.
  - KEEPER/Retroboy51 for Pollens.
  - Hoeness23 for More Realistic Wind Effect.
  - CAPA14 for allowed me to include DLC Ice in my mod. Be sure to check his awesome mod: Skellige Ice Breath.