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***UPDATED JUNE 2018!!!*** I've designed this ReShade preset for my first playthrough of The Witcher 3. The graphics have been carefully enhanced in order to preserve the beauty that CDPR have created. It will basically make your game look like it's brand new again. For vanilla lighting, STLM, and B&W DLC. Enjoy! :)

Permissions and credits
200+ Endorsements!!

Thank you all very much!! :)

Thank you for taking an interest in this little project of mine. Are you here because you want to play 100+ hours of the Witcher 3 with a ReShade preset that's easy on the eyes, one that stays true to CDPR's vision? Well, you came to the right place. ;) Please, step inside my office...

Version 2.0 Director's Cut. Thanks to Firemanaf for the great video!

Thanks for the great video, Hodilton! :)

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BS ReShade v2.0 Director's Cut + Extended View Distance v1.11 sample shots


Bronze and Silver ReShade for The Witcher 3 - by Bronze316 (2018)


Summary of Effects:

- Adaptive Sharpen
- Ambient Light w/ Adaptation
- Ambient Occlusion w/ Indirect Lighting
- Depth of Field (DOF)
- Dither
- DPX Cineon Color Correction
- Film Grain
- FilmicPass
- Fish Eye Lens Zoom Distortion
- Gaussian Bloom (CDPR preset only)
- LiftGammaGain
- LUT Palette
- Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing (SMAA)

(Note: With all effects enabled there will be roughly a 50% FPS hit.)

You have been warned! :)


Copy the contents of the "Main files" folder to the "bin/x64" folder
of the game installation directory. (where witcher3.exe is located)


(Optional, but recommended)

In-game Settings:

If possible, set all graphics options to the highest setting.

Leave the in-game brightness set to default (in the middle).

Please use "Full-screen" resolution to ensure proper image display.



- F10 to toggle main effects
- Insert to toggle Depth Of Field
- Delete to toggle Ambient Light
- Numpad5 to toggle Ambient Occlusion/Indirect Lighting


Please be sure to remove ReShade files from a previous install before
installing this preset.

Rename "d3d11.dll" to "dxgi.dll" if the game won't launch.

Disable any third-party programs, game boosters, FRAPS, etc.

These files worked flawlessly on my game and I hope the same for you.

Please seek the forum if you need help. Enjoy! :)

ReShade v1.1 Credits:

Special thanks to Christian Jensen (
He was avery great help in every possible way, did a lot of testing
(especially regarding the shading language) and is always a nice person to
talk to.

Thank you to all the closed beta testers as well. You were awesome, notably:
- Marty McFly
- Matsilagi
- Martigen
- K-putt
- LuciferHawk

Libraries used:
- Frexx CPP by Daniel Stenberg (
- GL3W by Slavomir Kaslev (
- MinHook by Tsuda Kageyu (
- NanoVG by Mikko Mononen (
- STB by Sean Barrett (