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Reshade for Phoenix Lighting Mod 12, Wiedzmin Lighting Mod VIII, STLM 3.2, Finger Lickin' Toussaint and Vanilla game. Perfomance cost about 7-8%

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Bewitching Reshade

Hello guys this is Reshade preset for Phoenix Lighting Mod 12, Wiedzmin Lighting Mod VIII, STLM 3.2, Finger Lickin' Toussaint but you can play it even on Vanilla game. I like natural balanced colors, not bright or dark, so I hope you like it too. Also I made Toussaint preset for Blood and Vine DLC. See comparison at images section.


  1. Download ReShade from here (I use 4.3.0 version)
  2. Install Reshade
  3. Copy Bewitching Main.ini and Bewitching Toussaint.ini to your bin\x64 folder
  4. Press Home and select Beitching Main.ini for the main game or Bewitching Toussaint.ini for Blood and Vine DLC.

Game Settings:

If you play at Full HD (1920x1080), then select Sharpness filter to low or turn it off in Video Option/Postprocessing, also turn off Chromatic Aberration and Vignette.


If you play with mods like HD Reworked Project, Beautiful Grass etc, be sure to modify your mods.settings so it's looks like this example:

[modZ_PLM_12 or modWLM_Phoenix_VIII or modTurbolighting] USE ONLY ONE LIGHTING MODE! 

All screens were made at 2880x1440 DSR and DSR Smothness 33% with custom user.ini setting. If you not using DSR, or image is to sharp for you, I recommend you to turn off Luma Sharpen filter, or you can set FXAA Subpix to 500 or higher.