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Fixes Velen Treasure Hunt Journal Location Labels

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This is a really simple fix for a really nitpicky detail that's bothered me for years. In my first playthrough of the Witcher 3, I noticed that this treasure hunt straight in the heart of Velen was categorized under "Novigrad" in journal. This really bothered me so I checked the wiki to see why and sure enough they pointed out that every single treasure hunt in Velen was mislabeled as Novigrad. Since this detail is so small it seems that no one has tried to fix it over the years.  I'm really not a modder and I don't have much experience but I decided to give it shot and sure enough it was a really easy fix. Just involved changing a single number in a few quest files.

This mod will change the journal location label to Velen for the following treasure hunt quests:

The Dead Have No Defense
Sunken Treasure
Sunken Chest
A Costly Mistake
Tough Luck
Queen Zuleyka's Treasure
A Plea Ignored
Battlefield Loot
Blood Gold
The Things Men Do For Coin
Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire
Hidden from the World
Don't Play with the Gods
An Unfortunate Turn of Events

Just extract and put into your mods folder or a mod manager.

There are also a handful of side quests that suffer from this problem so I might look into them. 

If you have any bug fix ideas or question please direct them to some of the more experienced modders
here. The only thing I really know how to do is this fix.

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