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Adds random monster encounters to the witcher world!

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    Adds many different random encounters into the game. These include almost all ground monsters, flying monsters, human enemies and wild hunt               enemies.  Depending on the settings You choose in the menu these encounters will either make a spawned enemy (based on the settings in the menu)
    either attack you directly, or spawn as a "normal" monster going about its day. The idea is to get rid of the MMO-ish style of enemy placement, where         enemies have set locations and respawn after a few days. It doesnt remove any of the vanilla enemies, it just adds in Random Encounters - Roll Credits!

How to use Custom Frequency:
    First, set Custom Frequency to On.... then select the timeframe you want. for example: if you choose 100 as the Lowest Frequency and 150 as the             Highest Frequency then the mod will choose a random number from between 100 and 150, and that number wil be the seconds until the next Encounter.
    So, if you have a small difference between the Lowest and Highest Frequency it will seem more like they happen in a regular interval, but if you set it       the Lowest to 60 and the Highest to 3600... then the Encounters could happen in any time between 1 minute and an Hour...

Important Note:
    By Enabling "Custom Frequency" - the normal Frequency setting is overridden
    By Enabling "Custom Flying Monsters" and/or "Custom Ground Monsters" - the "Monster List" menu is overridden


    modBootstrap and shared imports

    1. Copy the modRandomEncounters Folder into the directory where your game is intalled e.g. C:...\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\Mods\

    2. Copy the bin\ folder to Your \The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt directory  --- or directly place randomEncounters.xml into
                 \The Witcher 3 Wild Huntbin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc\

    3. Copy the DLCRandomEncounters\ folder to \The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\DLC\

    4. Add  this line:   add(modCreate_RandomEncounters());
        To the The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\Mods\modBootstrap\content\scripts\local\

    5. IF YOU HAVE NOT made ANY changes to input.xml, input_azerty.ini, input_qwerty.ini and input_qwertz.ini before,
       then just copy whats inside "alternative bin folder" to where your game is intalled e.g. C:...\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\
       and skip steps 4 and 5 (might reset your keybinds)

    6. Copy the contents of inputs.txt to the top of the: input_azerty.ini, input_qwerty.ini and input_qwertz.ini files in
                 \The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\config\r4game\legacy\base\
So it will appear like so:

Version=31 (29 for azerty and qwertz)


    7. Copy the following:
<!-- modRandomEncounters -->
<Var builder="Input" id="RefreshRESettings" displayName="modRE_menu_settings"  displayType="INPUTPC" actions="RefreshRESettings"/>

        To input.xml inside The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc\ just under the first <VisibleVars>
        So it will look like this:
<!-- modRandomEncounters -->
<Var builder="Input" id="RefreshRESettings" displayName="mod_menu_settings" displayType="INPUTPC" actions="RefreshRESettings"/>
<!-- builder must be input; id and displayName are custom names (whatever you want), displayType must be INPUTPC -->

8. In Game, go to Options -> Keybindings and find "Refresh Random Encounter Settings" and set it to any key you like!
After making changes to any settings in the overall Random Encounters menu in Options->Mods->Random Encounters --
       Use the Key You set to save those settings!

Know issues:
  • Ground monsters AI is not that great, so they may get stuck (not the fault of the mod, monster AI was not built for all areas)

  • This mod modifies the and file so use Script Merger if there are conflicts

1. Remove the modRandomEncounters \ from \The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\Mods\
2. Remove the randomEncounters.xml from \The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc\
3. Remove the DLCRandomEncounters\ folder from \The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\DLC\
4. Remove the added lines made in the input_azerty.ini, input_qwerty.ini and input_qwertz.ini files
5. Remove the added lines made in input.xml file

    Special thanks:
  • HUGE thanks to robx99 for basically taking my code and making it work way better than before. And letting me use that improved code.
  • CAPA14, helped and gave me some cool ideas!
  • Verner, such a great guy! :)
  • Alastre, for providing the awesome main picture!