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Make your meditation more immersive

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  • Czech
The mod automatically places your weapons on the ground during the meditation.
It requires Friendly MeditationWitcher 3 - Enhanced EditionPrimer or another mod which includes a real-time meditation feature.

  • Some clippings are unavoidable, so always try to find some nice and plain spot to meditate.
  • There are mod settings to adjust weapons' and scabbards' (in case you use some mods for them) positions, and prewritten presets which you can choose, just remember to always set 'Enable Changes' to ON every time you change anything.
  • If you press the 'Draw steel sword' key (1 by default), it cycles the swords presets, and the 'draw silver sword' (2 by default) key cycles the crossbow presets.
  • If the "Use key for placing" option is enabled, you need to press  the 'Lock Target' key (Z by default) during the meditation to place your weapons.
  • You can leave the weapons on the ground by pressing the 'Lock Target' key during the meditation:
- to take them back press the same key again standing near the weapons,
- you won't be able to put new weapons on the ground until the previous are retrieved,
- you won't be able to change weapons positions after you left them,
- the "Exclude Scabbards" option doesn't work with the left weapons (your scabbards dissappear from the Geralt's back),
- it is a must to retrieve your weapons before reloading the game or travelling into another region, otherwise use the "Restore Left Weapons" option.
  • You can enable or disable the additional stuff:
- all items can be adjusted,
- the book is closed/open depending on the weather,
- a number of vials next to the brown bottle depends on your actual occupied potions' slots (4 vials max) and bombs are your actual equipped bombs,
- the 'Sheathe Sword' key (C by default) cycles the additional stuff presets,
if you use W3EE or More Quick Slots mods, open '' file and delete '/*' and '*/' from the lines 290 and 344 respectively.

Extract 'bin' and 'mods' folders into your 'Witcher 3' folder and use Script Merger. Don't use any installation managers.

If you would like to support my work and keep track of the development process of my mods, kindly consider supporting me on Patreon.

Special thanks to:
enkainsBusChaser and LordMazour - for testing.
OsailXeno47, Tellah9 and other people (you know who you are) for support and appreciation.

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