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Adds more robes from Hearts of Stone into the game

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There are a couple of robes that are in the game but can't be used, this mod makes them purchaseable and balanced for end game use and adds entirely new armors. They are somewhat balanced for end-game Hearts of Sone and mid-Blood and Wine. Now you can look much more stylish and badass with those sexy robes and armors.

This mod is also merged with the Shields mod so you don't need both mods installed!


- 56 new sexy armors pieces for usage!
- New icons for these new items
- NG+ compatible
- Balanced for end-game/DLC playthrought and scales with your level
- Seamless integration into the game
- Purchaseable for around 1000 crowns each (higher on NG+)
- All purchaseable on a new merchant in the Vizima Palace Gardens!


1. Download and extract "dlc_kontusz'" into /The Witcher 3/DLC/ (Yes, into the DLC folder, not the Mods one);
2. Launch the game;
3. Buy them at the new merchant in Vizima;


1. Remove the dlc_kontusz from the /The Witcher 3/DLC/ folder.

Note: If you are going to post about an issue you are having, be sure to post any other mods that you are using that may conflict with it and your game version and beware the mod limit, this has been tested as working without any other mods on version 1.31 of the game.


CD Projekt Red for the awesome game
Sarcen for his mod editor
CAPA for helping me out with the icons and DLC process
Marvelmaster for his tutorials
Holgar96 for letting me use some stuff from his TW2 Gear mod
rfuzzo for the German translation
Bass75 for the French translation
Aquileon for the Spanish translation