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Gwent Overhaul alters and re-balances the Witcher 3 card game 'Gwent'; by changing various card values, modifying opponent decks, speeding up play, allowing you to play through the game with any or all of the four base-game decks, and even adding a new card.

Faster Gwent increases the speed of gwent gameplay by 50%.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • German
  • French
Please choose only one of the main files: Gwent Overhaul, Faster Gwent, or Even Faster Gwent.

This mod is not compatible with Lucky Gwent or any of the gwent shop mods.

If you find Gwent Overhaul to be too hard or too easy, change the Gwent Difficulty setting.

Gwent card packs, which contain a bottle of alcohol that must be drunk to acquire a basic starting deck, can be bought for any or all of the four base-game factions from the innkeep in White Orchard. You need not buy all four packs, you can play through the game with any single deck and complete your card collection. You will be able to access the gwent menu after winning a game with Aldert Geert.

WARNING! If you have bought the Skellige starter deck you must either:

  1. Speak with Count Monnier to get the official Skellige deck BEFORE winning any Skellige cards from anyone in Toussaint.
  2. Or, you must complete the Skellige starter deck by winning the cards from merchants OUTSIDE OF TOUSSAINT, AND finish the quest "Never Fear, Skellige is Here" BEFORE speaking with Count Monnier to receive the official Skellige deck.

Solution 1 will cause no issues. Solution 2 will cause you to have extra copies of some Skellige cards UNTIL you recieve the official Skellige deck. If you do neither of these things you will end up missing some Skellige cards!

If you remove this mod after acquiring any of the new Wolf cards, or vanilla cards with restored textures, all of your cards that are not currently in a deck will disappear. I have uploaded a replacement mod with vanilla cards that you need to use if you remove this mod. Unfortunately the new cards will remain as extra copies of the Clear Sky card and you will have to keep the replacement installed. Or you can revert to a save from before you acquired any of the new cards.

WARNING! Version 2 all but requires starting a new game. Version 2 is balanced around the new starting decks, so if you're not going to start a new game I strongly recommend using version 1.09.

1.00 Changes:
Miscellaneous Changes:
  • There are no longer any neutral nurses or spies. I wanted to make each deck more distinct, with their own mechanics. And this is only possible to a degree.
  • In order to make for a less safe, and far more dynamic game, all cards have had their Hero status removed except for Mysterious Elf, Frightener, and Hemdall.
  • My reasoning for leaving Hero status on these particular cards is thus: Mysterious Elf's value is, very specifically, that he has no drawbacks; no power, he can't be played against his owner, etcetera, and I've tried to preserve that value. The Frightener, according to the wiki, is said to be pretty bad-ass, as well as immune to almost anything. So I bumped it up to power 12, and gave it Hero status, to basically reproduce that immunity. And Hemdall is a traditional hero, so I've given him Hero status as well because I don't feel that it's a card that should be able to be played against it's owner.
  • Dandelion, Toruviel, and Draig Bon-Dhu are all played as normal Horn Cards by the A.I.. Because of this, they've had their power lowered to 0 so that the player gains no unfair advantage.
  • Unfortunately, some flavor-text had to be replaced with card mechanic descriptions.

Neutral Card Changes:
  • Vesemir has had his power increased to 13, because Vesemir taught arguably the two most powerful people in the game, and having him at power 6 is a joke.
  • Yennefer has had her power increased to 8 and she now summons Geralt (should be obvious why), making her one of the most powerful cards in the game.
  • Triss has been bumped up to 7 and  is a Ranged Scorch.
  • Ciri is Agile and has had her power reduced slightly, to 14, simply to balance the Neutral Cards against one another. This makes her most useful in the Scoia'tael deck.
  • To prevent it from doing stupid things, Dandelion will be played as a normal Horn Card by the A.I..
  • Zoltan is now a Northern Realms card with a power of 6, and has a Tight Bond with Yarpen and Sheldon. They are an alternative to the Crinfrid Reavers.
  • Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff is now a Scorch Unit Card.
  • Mysterious Elf is now a Scoia'tael card. That deck needed a boost and, as I said, no more neutral spies.
  • Gaunter O'Dimm boosted to 8.
  • Gaunter O'Dimm: Darkness dropped to 3, for balance reasons.
  • Bovine Defense Force dropped to 7 to match Fiend.

Northern Kingdom Card Changes:
  • Vernon Roche - Power reduced to 8 and summons Ves.
  • John Natalis - Power: 8.
  • Philippa - Power 10 and summons Keira, Síle, and Sabrina.
  • Yarpen has a Tight Bond with Zoltan and Sheldon and is now a 3 to compete with Crinfrid Reavers.
  • Sheldon has a Tight Bond with Zoltan and Yarpen and  has been reduced to 3 to match Yarpen
  • Dijkstra is now a 7, simply because I feel he should be somewhat of a double-edged sword given his relationship with Geralt.
  • Keira, Síle, and Sabrina are now 6's and summon each other.
  • Trebuchet reduced to 7 and have a Tight Bond with each other.
  • Crinfrid Reavers reduced to 4.
  • Catapult reduced to 6 and Tight Bond removed.
  • Ballista reduced to 5.
  • Blue Stripes Commando reduced to 2.
  • Siege Tower increased slightly to 8.
  • Dun Banner Medic reduced to 2.

Nilfgaard Card Changes:
  • Assire and Fringilla are now 6's and summon each other.
  • Cynthia is a 5 and a Spy.
  • Rotten Mangonel has been weakend slightly to 2.
  • Black Infantry Archer weakened significantly to 5, for balance reasons.
  • Heavy Zerrikanian Fire Scorpion reduced to 8.
  • Zerrikanian Fire Scorpion reduced to 4.
  • Impera Brigade Guard boosted slightly to 4.
  • Nausicaa Cavalry Rider boosted slightly to 3.
  • Young Emissary - Tight Bond removed.
  • Siege Engineer dropped to 2 but summons Heavy Zerrikanian Fire Scorpion.*
  • Siege Technician dropped to 0 and is no longer a Nurse. Also summons Zerrikanian Fire Scorpion and Rotten Mangonel.*

*These last two changes I'm unsure about. They are not intended to affect end-game play but to help the Nilfgaard deck during the course of the game. So tell me what you think.

Scoia'tael Card Changes:
  • Eithné, Saesenthessis, Isengrim, Iorveth, Dennis Cranmer, Milva, Ida Emean aep Sivney, Riordain, Elven Skirmisher, Vrihedd Brigade Recruit, and Dol Blathanna Archer are all now Agile.
  • Yaevinn has Morale Boost.
  • Toruviel is Agile and, like Dandelion, will be played as an ordinary Horn Card by the A.I..
  • Havekar Smuggler dropped to 4 and changed to Tight Bond.
  • Vrihedd Brigade Veteran given Muster.
  • Dol Blathanna Scout dropped to 4 and given Muster.
  • Mahakaman Defender dropped to 3 and given Tight Bond.
  • Schirru is now Agile and a regular Scorch (non-Siege).*

*Schirru is an interesting card to use because he will scorch when played, and again when changing rows.As you can see, the Scoia'tael deck is based around the Agile mechanic and intelligent use of the weather. This deck didn't require a lot of changes to bring it in line with the others: The most helpful change actually being the removal of Hero status from the cards.

Monster Deck Changes:
  • Draug is now a Siege Card, as well as a Siege Scorch. According to the wiki he turns into a firey tornado, so...
  • Imlerith is boosted to 14. Given the rebalance of the neutral cards, and Vesemir in particular, I felt like this guy needed a boost.
  • Leshen has been weakened considerably to 6, is Agile and summons four wolves.
  • Wolf is the new card. There are four, but only one texture. Each has Muster and a power of 1. They can be won from random merchants.
  • Forktail has been bumped to 6.
  • Earth Elemental has been dropped to 5 and is Agile.
  • Fiend is now a 7.
  • Griffin is now Agile.
  • Botchling is now a Cursed Card with power -5 and the Horn effect. Cursed Cards are played on your opponents battlefield (like spies), but instead of allowing you to draw cards, they subtract from your opponents total power. Because they are negative numbers, they can't be scorched and are not affected by the weather. However, like all curses they can be turned back against you. So be aware of that.
  • Frightener is power level 12 and a Hero.
  • Ice Giant is now a 7
  • Endrega is a 3 and still sucks.
  • Harpy and Celaeno Harpy are 1's.
  • Cockatrice is now Agile and a 6. These things are tough! Why were they at 2?
  • Gargoyle is Agile and a 5.
  • Grave Hag has been dropped slightly to 4.
  • Fire Elemental is Agile.
  • Foglet is now a 3, because those things are a pain in the ass.
  • Wyvern is a 6 and Agile.
  • Arachas Behemoth has been dropped to 5.
  • Arachas no longer have Muster, and have been changed to 3.
  • Nekker, as the weakest enemy in the game, has been dropped to 1.
  • Ghoul summons Ghoul and Alghoul.
  • Alghoul is a 2 and summons Ghoul.
  • Crone: Brewess, Crone: Weavess, and Crone: Whispess are all now Cursed Cards with a power of -5 and a Tight Bond with each other.
  • Ekimmara, Fleder, and Garkain are all 5's and summon each other.*
  • Bruxa is a 6 and summons Ekimmara, Fleder, and Garkain.*
  • Katakan is a 7 and summons Bruxa, Ekimmara, Fleder, and Garkain.*

*I'm unsure about seperating the vampire groups like this. I've seen at least one instance of the A.I. treating them as seperate groups; playing Fleder and next turn playing Bruxa. So I may re-group them so they all summon each other again.The general balance of card powers in the monster deck is based on my subjective view of their difficulty while playing the game.So a few of the mid-game cards (the power 6's and such) were given the Agile ability because the represented creatures have both ranged and melee attacks, but also because this deck is particularly susceptible to Biting Frost. After this mod's changes It is not a bad idea to reserve your melee cards and use your Cursed Cards, non-melee cards, and Biting Frost if you've drawn it, and win a round that way.

Skellige Card Changes:
  • Hjalmar summons Clan an Craite Warrior.
  • Cerys also summons Clan an Craite Warrior. Not only does this make sense from a story perspective, it also works very well with the Crach leader card effect.
  • Draig Bon-Dhu, like Dandelion and Toruviel, will be played as a normal Horn Card by the A.I.. 
  • Holger Blackhand, and Donar an Hindar have been bumped slightly to 5.
  • Madman Lugos is now a Scorch Unit Card.
  • Blueboy Lugos summons Madman Lugos. This creates an interesting strategy because if you play Madman Lugos before the third round he may, if returned to the battlefield, scorch your cards causing you to lose (happened to me a couple times ;)). So that adds a nice bit of strategy and makes a certain amount of story related sense.
  • Birna Bran is a Mardroeme. This only makes sense. Though I may end up swapping her and Ermion because seeing a woman chained to a rock in the melee row looks a little silly.
  • Svanrige, as it turns out, is one of the tougher people in the game. So I boosted him to a 6.
  • Berserker boosted to 5.
  • Transformed Vildkaarl dropped to 10.
  • Young Berserker boosted to 3.
  • Transformed Young Vildkaarl dropped to 6.
  • Clan an Craite Warrior dropped to 4 and has Muster.
  • Clan Tordarroch Armorsmith dropped to 3.
  • Clan Heymaey Skald dropped to 3 and moved to the Ranged row.
  • Light Longship boosted slighlty to 5 and Muster removed.
  • War Longship boosted slightly to 7.
  • Clan Brokvar Archer dropped to 4.
  • Clan Dimun Pirate dropped to 3 to make it easier to use.

I weakened the berserker bears slightly, while also strengthening the untransformed berserkers to make them a little more useful if you don't end up drawing a Mardroeme. This deck was probably weakened more than any other versus vanilla. However, it was arguably the strongest deck in vanilla and so had the most margin for change.

1.01 Changes:
  • Having four Poor Fucking Infantry cards vanilla bug fixed. Will require a new game to take effect.
  • Removed duplicate cards from various opponent decks.
  • Minor balance changes to almost all opponent decks.

1.02 Changes:
  • Fixed Alghoul card name.
  • Restored unused card textures. Will require a new game to gain all new card textures, though some will work on your current save.

1.03 Changes:
  • Forgot to make a couple changes in the last version. Crinfrid Reavers should now have the unused textures. A.I. decks should now have the unused Blue Stripes Textures.

1.04 Changes:
  • Minor balance changes to opponent decks. 
  • Renamed Hero status; is now 'Immunity'.
  • Triss is now a Ranged Scorch Unit Card.

1.05 Changes:
  • Fix for the new Blue Stripes cards Tight Bond.
  • Ghouls no longer summon nekkers.

1.06 Changes:
  • Fix for the Skellige Normal deck having two Dandelions.

1.07 Changes:
  • Fixed a couple of string oversights.
  • Added google translate Spanish translation.

1.08 Changes:
  • Fix for Ghoul card missing from shop.
  • Olgierd is a Horn Unit card and has Immunity.
  • Botchling (Strength 3) now summons a more powerful cursed card with immunity when removed from the battlefield.

1.09 Changes:
  • Fixed Cerys's ability, and ability description, text. Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish translations updated.

2.00 beta 1 Changes:

  • Sped up Gwent speed by 50%. This makes Gwent feel snappier, and awaiting your turn less excruciating.
  • All languages supported by the game that have yet to receive translations will display the cards in English, rather than being blank. Arabic, Japanese, and Korean will have some of the English descriptions cut off due to the use of an enormous font.
  • Fixed Ranged Scorch vanilla description.
  • Every card must be collected to receive the Gwent Collector Achievement, except one of each Weather card, and one Young Berserker.
  • Tweaking and rebalance of ALL A.I. decks.
  • Added starter decks for all factions. Buy any or all of the Monster, Nilfgaard, Northern Realms, or Scoia'tael starter decks from the inkeepress in the prologue, then play Gwent with Aldert Geert. If you wish to use the Skellige starter deck, it can be bought from the Baron's Quartermaster in Crow's Perch. The reason for this delay is even the weakest Skellige deck is mid-tier in quality, and should not be used until you are typically playing against opponents with mid-tier decks. After purchase, the Skellige deck will then be unlocked the next time you acquire a gwent card. Skellige starter deck removed as of version 2.01.
  • All buyable cards removed from shops and added to the pool of cards that are randomly won from merchants.
  • Merchants can be beaten at Gwent either once or twice before they stop giving cards, depending on how many starter decks you have.
  • One Decoy added to the starter decks, the others were removed from the game.
  • All Special Horn cards removed from the game. Dandelion, Toruviel, Draig Bon-Dhu, and Ballista Officer are all now Special Horn cards.
  • All Special Scorch cards removed from the game.
  • One each of the Biting Frost, Impenetrable Fog, Torrential Rain, and Clear Sky cards removed from the game.
  • One Mardroeme Special card removed from the game.
  • Skellige Storm now Skellige only.
  • Triss changed to a Scorch Unit card.
  • Emiel is no longer a Scorch Unit card, but now summons Vampire: Emiel (Strength 15) when removed from the battlefield.
  • Olgierd von Everec is now a Close Combat card, no longer has Immunity, and is not a Horn Unit card.
  • Gaunter O'Dimm summons Gaunter O'Dimm: Darkness and Olgierd von Everec.
  • Gaunter O'Dimm: Darkness (Strength 4) are now Close Combat cards and no longer have Muster.
  • Unused Northern Realms card textures Siege Tower (Strength 6), Ballista Officer, and Witch Hunter (Strength 3, Ranged Scorch) added to the pool of cards to be won randomly from merchants.
  • Ves is now in a Tight Bond with the Blue Stripes Commandos.
  • Trebuchet (Strength 8) boosted slightly.
  • Siege Tower (Strength 6) is now in a Tight Bond with Siege Tower.
  • Rotten Mangonel is in a Tight Bond with Siege Technician.
  • Etolian Auxiliary Archers boosted (Strength 5).
  • Heavy Zerrikanian Fire Scorpion is now a Melee Scorch card.
  • Zerrikanian Fire Scorpion is now in a Tight Bond with Siege Technician.
  • Nausicaa Cavalry Riders are now Ranged Combat cards.
  • Young Emissarys weakened (Strength 1).
  • Siege Technician is now in a Tight Bond with Zerrikanian Fire Scorpion and Rotten Mangonel.
  • Isengrim now Summons the Vrihedd Brigade Veteran and Vrihedd Brigade Recruit cards.
  • Ida Emean aep Sivney is now a Ranged Scorch.
  • Barclay Els is now in a Tight Bond with the Mahakaman Defenders.
  • Vrihedd Brigade Veterans are no longer Agile. One is a Close Combat card, the other a Ranged Combat card.
  • Dol Blathanna Scouts (Strength 3) are no longer Agile, are now Close Combat cards, and summon Dol Blathanna Archer.
  • Mahakaman Defenders are now Agile.
  • Elven Skirmishers are no longer Agile and are now Ranged Combat cards.
  • Vrihedd Brigade Recruit is no longer Agile and is now a Close Combat card.
  • Dol Blathanna Archer is no longer Agile and is now a Ranged Combat card.
  • Schirru is now a Melee Scorch.
  • Draug is now a Melee Scorch.
  • Forktail is now Agile.
  • Harpy is now a Close Combat card.
  • Celaeno Harpy is now a Close Combat card.
  • Grave hag is now Agile.
  • Foglet is now a Close Combat card.
  • Toad (Strength 5) is now a Cursed Scorch Unit card.
  • Hemdall (Strength 16) boosted slightly and is a Mardroeme. I Feel like he should at the least be stronger than Olaf.
  • Ermion is no longer a Mardroeme, but now summons Young Berserkers.
  • Birna Bran is now a Mardroeme Special card.
  • Svanrige is now a Decoy.
  • Holger Blackhand now summons Clan Dimun Pirate.
  • Donar an Hindar now summons Clan Heymaey Skald.
  • Udalryk summons Clan Brokvar Archer.
  • Olaf (Strength 13) boosted slighlty.
  • One Young Berserker replaced by a second Berserker.
  • Transformed Vildkaarl (Strength 12) no longer has Morale Boost, is now in a Tight Bond with Transformed Vildkaarl.
  • Clan an Craite Warriors no longer have Muster.
  • Clan Tordarroch Armorsmith is Agile.
  • Light Longships (Strength 5) are Agile.
  • War Longships (Strength 10) are no longer in a Tight Bond.
  • Clan Brokvar Archers (Strength 2) have Muster.
  • Clan Dimun Pirate is now a Ranged Scorch.
  • Foltest: The Steel-Forged now allows you to draw a card from your opponents discard pile.
  • Emhyr var Emreis: The White Flame now destroys your opponent's strongest Siege unit(s) if the combined strength of all his or her Siege Units is 10 or more.
  • Emhyr var Emreis: The Relentless now cancels your opponent's leader card.

2.00 beta 2 Changes:
  • Removed extra Ice Giant cards from multiple A.I. decks. Weird oversight.

2.00 beta 3 Changes:
  • Fixed a potential problem completing the "official" Skellige deck if you buy the Skellige starter deck and win too many Skellige cards from merchants.

2.00 beta  4 Changes:
  • Fixed an issue wherein the player could acquire too many Mardroeme or Skellige Storm cards.

2.00 Changes:
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the acquisition of more than one War Longship before getting the official Skellige deck.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the player to win too many copies of certain Skellige cards.

2.01 Changes:
  • Skellige starter deck removed. Needs a better implementation.
  • No more def_loot_shops.xmls makes merging much less of a pain.
  • A handful of redswf file edits have allowed the restoration of some cards flavor text.
  • Even Faster Gwent incorporated into Gwent Overhaul, replacing Faster Gwent.
  • The maximum allowable number of Special cards reduced to 5.

2.02 Changes:
  • Fixed Gwent cards appearing in shops. D'oh.
  • No more def_item_edibles.xmls for increased compatibility.

2.03 Changes:
  • Fixed Gwent cards appearing in shops and starter deck items not appearing in shops, in New Game Plus.

2.04 Changes:
  • All cards now contain their original flavor text. Tooltips will display the new mechanics and info. ;)

2.05 Changes:
  • Forgot to allow Cursed cards to be played in any row in 2.04.

2.06 Changes:
  • Removed a duplicate Dijkstra card from an A.I. deck.

2.07 Changes:
Fixed a couple buggy interactions between Cursed cards and Leader cards:
  • Cursed cards will no longer be affected by the Double Spy Power leader ability.
  • Cursed cards with negative Strength will no longer be affected by the weather when played against a deck using the King Bran Leader card.

2.08 Changes:
  • Changed the starter deck item names, icons, and descriptions to make things more clear for new users of the mod.

2.09 Changes:
  • Removed experimental changes that had accidentally made it into 2.07 and 2.08.

2.10 Changes:
  • Removed NoShow tag from Isengrim, Fringilla, Natalis, and Cow.

2.11 Changes:
  • Fixed 'A Miraculous Guide to Gwent'
  • Incorporated Polish and Russian Translations into main mod.

2.12 Beta Changes:

  • Fixed error with one card in 'A Miraculous Guide to Gwent'.
  • Gwent menu now runs in 60 fps.
  • Changed the numbers the A.I. uses to assign card value.

olnorton - This mod uses their Gwent Friends mod, with permission, as a base. If you feel my mod makes too many changes or is too drastic; try olnorton's mod.
NutellaPhreak - Some of the new card changes in 2.00 are inspired by, or taken from, Gwent Plus Plus, which you may prefer to Gwent Overhaul. Certainly, it has a better name.
VJCPC43 - For the Brazilian Portuguese translation. I'm very grateful. Thank you.
RYUchan - For the old Russian translation, and the Toad card mechanic. Also the fancy mod images. :)
Bartekwsade - For the new new Polish translation.
Ryszard0Szczena - For the new Polish translation.
delamer - For the new Russian Translation.
lexo1000 - French translation, which you can find here.
thisisvanda - New Spanish translation.
kingsellone - For the German translation.