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More abilities, brand new cards, lore-friendly and balanced decks, informative descriptions, restored textures, it's Gwent Plus Plus!

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Compatible with game v1.31

I've been told by a few people now that the reset to vanilla doesn't work, sorry about that. If you're planning on using this mod you'll have to stick with it for whatever saves you install it onto.

I am unable to continue working on this mod right now in my life. Thank you all for the support, it's been fun :P
I will still reply to comments as best I can.


NOTICES (please read this before asking questions)

  • Note: I highly recommend setting your Gwent difficult to high in the game's options for the best experience.
  • Note: The black boxes under the cards might give false information. Sadly, I cannot change these boxes. For example: the pirate's box says he has the scorch ability, but his description says he summons Holger Blackhand. The description is correct, trust the descriptions, not the black boxes.


  • More Abilities: Adds card abilities to more cards in interesting new ways, making Gwent a more exciting and strategic game.
  • New Cards: Brand new cards including a Doppler spy, Nekker warrior, and more to come!
  • Lore-Friendly: I've used what I've learned from hours of lore research to make every card's strength and ability fit the lore as best as possible.
  • Balanced Decks: All 5 decks have been balanced to create a more fair playing field.
  • Informative Descriptions: Card descriptions now explain possibly confusing card abilities. This feature is optional.
  • Restore Textures: Restores the missing textures for duplicate cards, for real this time :P (doesn't work on cards you've already found)

USING THE MOD (please read this before asking questions)

Gwent Plus Plus adds some new cards, and changes which cards are available in the starting deck.
This means that if you want to use the mod on an existing save, you'll need to help GPP get you the right cards.
Note: If you already did one of these options, then you updated to a newer version of GPP, you don't need to do it again because you should already have the right cards.
Once you install the mod, choose option 1, 2, OR 3 (only choose 1 option):

Option 1: start a new game or new game plus

  • I recommend this option because it requires no extra work, and sets everything up perfectly.
  • This is the only option that will restore every texture, however, the other options will still restore some of the textures.
  • The only downside to this option is that you have to start a new game.
  • If you choose this option, do not buy any cards from Yoana the blacksmith, her cards are only for those who chose option 2.

Option 2: buy the missing cards from a shop

  • Yoana the blacksmith at Crow's Perch will sell you the cards that were added to the new starting deck. Because you didn't start a new game, you're still using the old starting deck.
  • Buy the Kaedweni Ballista Expert from Yoana.
  • Buy the Kaedweni Trebuchet Expert from Yoana.
  • Buy the Siege Tower from Yoana.
  • Catapults: These are no longer available in stores, but you might have already purchased 1 or 2. Only buy Yoana's Catapults until you have 2.
  • Ballistas: The vanilla game should have given you 2, but it might have bugged and given you 1. If you only have 1 Ballista, buy Yoana's Ballista.
  • GPP moves some of the cards in the vanilla starting deck to shops. In order to stay true to the game, limit yourself to using only 1 Sile, 1 Keira, 2 Trebuchets, 1 of each kaedweni Expert, and 3 Blue Stripes Commandos.
  • The downside of this option is that you will have a few more cards than you're supposed to, and not all the textures will be restored.

Option 3: use my function from the debug console

  • This option requires that you have the debug console enabled. I recommend using the Debug Console Enabler v1.22 mod.
  • Once you have enabled the debug console, open the console in game using the ~ key, and enter the following command: updategpp
  • This will essentially update you to the new starting deck, adding and removing certain cards.
  • It will only remove 4 cards which are now available at stores throughout the game (locations are listed below).
  • The downside of this option is that it requires the debug console, and not all the textures will be restored.
  • If you choose this option, do not buy any cards from Yoana the blacksmith, her cards are only for those who chose option 2.
  • Only use the "updategpp" command once, right after you install the mod.

Locations of Moved Cards: If you chose option 1 or 3, the only way to get these cards is to buy them from the following shops. If you chose option 2, you might already have some of these cards. Reference the "limits" that I recommended in the option 2 section.

  • Sile: the Passiflora in Novigrad
  • Trebuchet #2: the Passiflora in Novigrad
  • Keira: the merchant at Midcopse
  • Blue Stripes Commando #3: the Baron's Quartermaster at Crow's Perch


Detailed information for every card, including reasons for changes, is available in the images tab and in the optional excel file you can download.

Here are some of the major changes for each deck:

NEUTRAL: Many heroes and powerful abilities

  • Geralt has a melee scorch
  • Yennefer has a ranged scorch
  • Ciri is agile and has scorch (like the spell card)
  • Villentretenmerth has a siege scorch and revives as Borch
  • Olgierd revives when he dies

A balanced deck with bonds, morale, and spies

  • Roche summons Ves and boosts morale
  • Ves bonds with the blue stripes
  • Sile and Sabrina summon each other
  • The Kaedweni Siege Experts are now 3 unique cards that bond with their corresponding siege card

NILFGAARDIAN: Many spies and powerful leaders

  • Letho has scorch (like the spell card)
  • Menno summons the Nausicaa Cavalry Riders
  • Assire and Fringilla bond
  • Cynthia is a spy
  • Heavy Fire Scorpion has a siege scorch

SCOIA'TAEL: A very reliable deck with many bonds and summons

  • Eithne has a horn
  • Saskia has a melee scorch
  • Isengrim summons Vrihedd Brigade Veterans
  • Dol Scouts summon and bond with Toruviel (2 other sets like this as well)
  • Schirru is a spy

MONSTERS: A few very high powered heroes and many summons

  • New Doppler spy card
  • Draug has a melee scorch
  • Imlerith has a horn
  • Leshen summons the Werewolf
  • Only the higher vampires summon the rest
  • Ghoul group includes an Alghoul, making those cards actually useful

SKELLIGE: Has potential for massive burst strength

  • Hemdall is a nurse (sounds weird, but read my lore reasoning in the images tab)
  • Birna has mushroom effect
  • All bears are melee
  • Berserker bear has melee scorch and bonds with Young Berserker Bears
  • Hjalmar has a horn


The mod does not currently include these features, but this is what I am currently working on adding, or planning to add in the future.

New Cards: I've already added some new cards, but I plan on adding more and more and more! Leave a comment with your card ideas that you want to see in game.

Improved AI: The vanilla AI doesn't always take advantage of abilities like scorch or some of the abilities I added in my mod. From what I can tell, editing the AI will be rather difficult if not impossible, but I'll see what I can do to make the computer a more worthy opponent.

More Translations: This mod is fully translated to Polish, French, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese. If you would like to make a translation for another language, send me a private message.

Unlock All Command: This would add a command to the game that gives you every Gwent card (and restore all textures). This feature would be for those who already have all the cards and want to restore the rest of their textures, or for people who don't care about collecting cards and just want to play Gwent.


There are two versions of this mod, one uses informative descriptions, one uses vanilla descriptions, only install one version.
Installing and uninstalling this mod is the same as nearly every other mod, you can use NMM or follow the instructions below for manual installation.

  • Navigate to your Witcher 3 install location (for steam this is "steam/steamapps/common/the witcher 3")
  • Create a folder called "Mods" if you don't already have one
  • Put my "modGwentPlusPlus" folder into your Mods folder

  • Just remove my "modGwentPlusPlus" folder from your Mods folder

Did you lose all of your cards when you uninstalled? Here's how to get them back
  1. Make sure my mod is uninstalled.
  2. Install the "Reset to Vanilla" version of my mod in the options category on the files page.
  3. Load the save that you were using my mod on.
  4. Switch between the card filters in the deck builder and switch between the factions in the deck builder.
  5. Your cards should all appear now, I am terribly sorry if this was an inconvenience.

Note: This issue only affects the saves which you were using my mod on, if you start a new game you can uninstall the "Reset to Vanilla" version.


After installing this mod, I recommend running script merger if you have other mods installed. This will usually fix any compatibility issues.

Any other mod that also does one of the "Main Features" listed above won't be compatible. Either my mod will overwrite some of the other mod's changes, or the other mod will overwrite some of my mod's changes.

If you want to know if a specific mod is compatible, ask me in a comment.

God Mode (jgheld): If you run into issues when merging these 2 mods with script merger, jgheld and I recommend that you favor my mods changes over God Mode's changes. Your Gwent cards will no longer stack up to 9999, but everything else will work. I'll make them fully compatible in my next update.

The Enhancement System (Mangekyoumadara1987): Our mods both add items to some of the same shopkeepers, so you'll have to merge their lists manually in script merger. I'll try to prevent these conflicts in my next update.


Agame78: Their mod, Gwent Deluxe, inspired me to make this.
jgheld: Helped with some of the scripting and testing.
anatolek: Polish translation.
tsuchinokoultimate: Italian translation.
Acesso33: Brazilian Portuguese translation.
DaKatarn: French translation.

And everybody else who has helped out simply by leaving comments and supporting the mod.
Thank you all so much!