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Provides fine-grain control of Geralt's weight allowance through in-game menus. Set any weight profile you like, from ultra-realism to "nothing weighs anything"!

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • German
  • French
Key Features

  • Fully customizable through in-game menus. Every modifier can be tweaked so the weight allowance works however you think it should.
  • Mod can be enabled/disabled with an in-game menu on/off switch anytime. Does not alter saved games, so may be installed at anytime.
  • Allows fine-grain control over the weights for most item types. Item types: Equipped, Quest, Alchemically Crafted, Crafting Resources, Alchemy Ingredients, Alchemy Strong Alcohols, Books & Papers, Food & Drink, Trophies, Armor, Weapons, Bolts, and all other items.
  • Exclude individual required types from weight allowance completely. Types: Equipped, Quest, Alchemically Crafted
  • Only tiny changes (2 lines!) to vanilla CDPR code. Integrates cleanly with nearly all other script mods.
  • Four Menu Settings Presets. Vanilla-like, Balanced, Realistic (Ultra hard!), and Zero
  • No XML edits. Doesn't edit any of the game's XML definition files, so other mods that tailor weights by altering those definitions are compatible.
  • Ghost Mode compatible version. See Optional section of Files tab.

Available Translations
  • Russian - Translation kindly provided by vanjavs (thank you!!) - also available as a standalone translation mod here


The Real Heavy mod gives you fine-grained control over Geralt's weight allowance. One of the primary issues affecting the Witcher 3 economy is the fact that Geralt, despite being just one man and his horse, is somehow able to pickup and transports multiple tons of equipment and supplies. (CDPR made the right commercial choice, most players would have hated only being able to carry a couple of swords at a time). It's not actually surprising that the vanilla economy gets unbalanced when Geralt can collect endless rusty Novigrad swords and somehow, despite not having a 6-wheel semi, is able to take all his ill-gotten loot to market. Or somehow carry 36 Steel Ingots, 24 Iron Ingots and enough Dimeritium Ingots to permanently eradicate magic from The Continent, in a single horse's saddlebags. Alternatively, since you set the parameters, you can decide that nothing weights anything at all, and let Geralt dance light as a pixie despite 1000 swords in his pockets. The choice is yours...

Companion Mod

Real Heavy was developed alongside its sister mod, Real Economy. The Witcher 3 economy is weirdly unbalanced in numerous ways, for a lot of reasons: trying to be lore friendly, trying to be easy-playthrough friendly, restricting resources even though Geralt has access to insane amounts of precious items, etc. The Real Economy mod isn't a panacea to all those problems, but what it does do is give you the fine-grained choice over how the economy should be setup, multiple realistic factors that affect the economy, and runs that economy in a predicatable fashion. So you can make it ultra lore-friendly, where every merchant is a dyed-in-the-wool racist who's life mission is solely to screw Witchers out of every single crown they ever dare look at. Or, you can run a fair and balanced economy, where the amounts quoted in quests and in the story actually match what the economy is doing. Or something else entirely. The choice is yours...


Version 1.3.0

  • Fixed: Bug where oils, decoctions, potions, and bombs did not have weight - Thanks to undeaddimas for finding the bug!
  • Added: Ghost Mode compatible version with patch. See Optional section of Files tab, please read the descriptions!

Version 1.2.0

  • Fixed: Bug where crossbow bolts weight modifier was not being applied - Thanks to AhmedNabil for finding the bug!

Version 1.1.0

  • Fixed: Invisible Menus for players with language set other than English (HUGE thanks to BMN1337 for identifying the problem and solution!!).
  • Added: Russian Translation - Many thanks to vanjavs!!


Simple Install / Uninstall    [RECOMMENDED]

  1. Use the Witcher 3 Mod Manager. This will install the mod, the in-game menus and the default settings in a single click. 
  2. If you have other mods that alter scripts, run Script Merger to resolve any conflicts.

Manual Install

  1. Unzip the file to the Desktop.
  2. Identify your Witcher 3 game installation folder. This is your root folder. Usually something like C:\Games\GOG\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\
  3. Create a Mods/ folder in your Wither 3 root folder if one doesn't already exist. e.g. C:\Games\GOG\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\Mods
  4. Copy modRealHeavy/ directory in your Mods/ directory.
  5. Copy modRealHeavy/bin/config/r4game/user_config_matrix_/pc/modRealHeavyMenu.xml to your Witcher 3 root folder's /bin/config/r4game/user_config_matrix_/pc/ directory.
  6. Open modeRealHeavy/user.settings.part.txt in Notepad.
  7. Copy and paste the contents of user.settings.part.txt to the beginning of C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\The Witcher 3\user.settings
  8. If you have other mods that alter scripts, run Script Merger to resolve any conflicts.

Manual Uninstall

  1. Do the reverse of the manual installation, obviously.

Upgrading from previous version

Scenario 1: "I haven't set any custom settings, or am happy to go through and re-tweak the ones I have"

Simple Upgrade (using Witcher 3 Mod Manager)

  1. Remove existing Real Heavy mod in Witcher 3 Mod Manager
  2. Add new Real Heavy v1.1.0 mod in Witcher 3 Mod Manager
  3. Run Script Merger
  4. Start the game and tweak the settings how you want

Manual Upgrade

  1. Follow Scenario 2 instructions below

Scenario 2: "I have set custom settings and want to keep them (i.e. not lose them on upgrade)"

  1. Unzip the to the Desktop
  2. Copy modRealHeavy/ directory into YourWitcher3GameFolder/mods (overwriting your existing modRealHeavy directory)
  3. Run Script Merger
  4. Start the game and check the settings are as you want them to be

Translators Wanted!

If you can translate from English to your native language, and are willing to do so, the "localization/en.strings.csv" file is waiting for you! I (and your fellow language speakers) would be hugely grateful for your efforts. Just translate the file's English text in the final field into clear, concise equivalent in your language and send me a PM, or leave a note in the Posts tab. Thank You!

Problems? Questions? Suggestions?

Bugs and other errors should be put in the Bugs tab, not the Posts tab. Issues are 10,000% more likely to be addressed if you follow this simple instruction. Bug reports in the Posts tab will be ignored at my whim :) Questions, suggestions, and comments are all very welcome in the Posts tab!

Detailed Settings Information

IMPORTANT: A modifier is a decimal that is multiplied by to arrive at a new amount. 1.0 means no change, since multiplying something by 1 is itself. A modifier of 0.5 is half the base weight value, a modifier of 0.1 is 10% of the base weight. Modifiers can be set to 0.0 for an item type to not count against the weight allowance at all.


Enable Real Heavy Mod
Switches the mod on/off. When set to off NO MOD CODE  is run at all, everything is CDPR vanilla. So you do not need to uninstall the mod to revert to vanilla behavior (for example for saved games where you don't want Real Heavy applied), toggle this switch and the only code run is vanilla.

Equipped Items have no weight
Any item currently equipped on Geralt has no weight.

Quest Items have no weight
Any item marked as a Quest Item by CDPR has no weight.

Quest Item Weight Modifier
If the Quest Items have no weight option is disabled, this modifier affects all Quest Item weights.

Oils, Potions,  Decocotions, and Bombs have no weight
Any alchemically crafted item has no weight.

Oils, Potions, Decocotions, and Bombs Weight Modifier
If the Oils, Potions, Decocotions, and Bombs have no weight option is disabled, this modifier affects all alchemically crafted items weights.

ITEM TYPE Modifier
Each modifier affects the weight of each ITEM TYPE

Integration with Other Mods

Real Heavy has a very low impact on vanilla source code files (it only changes 2 lines of vanilla CDPR code), doing most of its work in its own files, so is unlikely to conflict with other mods. The only likely conflict would be with other weight mods, in which case you probably have to choose one of the other, or, manually figure out what you want both mods to be responsible for. Script Merger should be able to handle 99.9% of cases, in the rare case in which you have to manually resolve the conflict all Real Heavy code is marked with a // ModRealHeavy++ marker. Code with this marker should remain intact in order for Real Heavy to function.

Real Heavy is known to work alongside the following mods (because I run them all together on my own setup)Friendly HUDFriendly MeditationFriendly StashW3Redux Realtime GamePad ControlsImmersiveCam (et al), and many, many others. 


CDPR - For making the best game ever, and then letting us mere mortals hack away on it :) Thank you!

Wasteland Ghost (wghost81) - For all her amazing Witcher 3 mods, which inspired me to try modding in the first place. Thank You!

vanjavs - For providing the Russian translation Thank you!

That's all Folks!