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Changelog of the Next -Gen patch

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This is an UNOFFICIAL and still Work-In-Progress. Everyone can contribute to this works by joining up the Wolven Workshop Discord server or send informations to ElementaryLewis


Hello Witcher 3 community.
The Next-Gen patche finally coming for 14th December 2022. As we were expecting, CDPR changed much more content but we don't know exactly which files or how they change it.

That's what this changelog does. With the contribution of many modders, we are preparing to find all the difference between 1.32 and Next-Gen and write on a sheet files. So this useful information will help everyone to update their mods for the free update Next Gen Patch.
You can download the main files and open with Microsoft Excel or go to our Google Sheet online.
The sheet is divided into:
  • Scripts
  • XML
  • CR2W
  • CR2W Non Text
  • Texture
  • Bin
  • W2String


Because back to the year of 2015 and 2016. There was many patches and modders at the time has to keep their mods working at the current states, otherwise their mods would become redundant and impossible to use.
It even worser that they have to make a Steam and GOG version, until Unification Patch / Community Patch Base came out.

Since 2017,  two thousand and more (+2,000) mods were created based on 1.31/1.32. We don't want to waste all the work they did and so the changelog will help to update their mods for the current Next-Gen version.

Mod creators attention!

If you want to contribute on our works, you may download the miscellaneous files and then send it to Wolven Workshop Discord server or via Direct Message to ElementaryLewis.
Any information is welcome.


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Special thanks

The Brothers In Arms and Wolven Workshop community for the support, help, and inspiration.
All the creators of the following tool: WolvenkitQuickBMSw3string encoder

Andrzej Sapkowski (Author) and CD Red Projekt (Game studio) for the creation of The Witcher univers.