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Cheshirk and Bathsebah

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A collection of new face and eyes textures for Ciri

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Vanilla Ciri really annoyed me since the very beginning, so instead of dealing with irritation for my whole new playthrough, I decided to try to change it (':

Together wIth extremely talented Cheshirk we've remade all of Ciri's textures to our liking, including her bruised, crying and Dudu appearances. We've based our version on her in-books description as well as on our own imagination.

- 4k face textures, made from scratch
- new specular maps
- new normal map, fitted for her new, much uglier scar, as well as more subtle detalisation on her skin
- new eyes texture, less saturated to create more natural (?) feeling
- hand-painted eyebrows, freckles and makeup
- designed to work alongside Ciri Ahen Hair mod, but works perfectly fine without it too

Please use The Witcher 3 Mod Manager to install.
I won't be able to provide support for the manual or NMM installation (I'm sorry!)

Incompatible with anything touching the same files.

- Cheshirk
- Bathsebah

- CD Projekt Red
- Adobe Photoshop
- CrazyBump
Quick Modding Tool
- The Witcher 3 Mod Manager