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A book inspired mod for Triss

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Sup there, Nexus,
Game Triss is no Lore Triss so I decided to change it as much as I could.

I tried to follow her descriptions with limitations of my preferences and skills. Things I changed so far:

- new face texture. Less freckles, less makeup, less wrinkles. Overall younger and healthier skin. Bruised and bloody textures included.
3 versions:
book-inspired, blue eyeliner and peach lips, no freckles;
book-inspired, same as above, but with less of a makeup;
game-inspired, vanilla makeup and freckles;

- deep blue eyes, unique for Triss;

- new head mesh, more round face with smaller jaw; 
With LODs or LOD-less depending on your preferences, read the bugs section below.

- hair color. Silly clown red she has as a default is just ridiculous. Now it's a reddish brown/auburn as I see it. I also really wanted it not to look too ginger.

Further development of released things depends on the feedback. Also please let me know of bugs and incompatibilities, as well if you like my mod!
And show me how Triss looks in your game now! Don't be shy since I'd won if being shy was sort of a contest :B

Also, If you want to discuss something with me, better do it via DM since I sometimes get too anxious to read comments in the net eeeeeh :/

If it's your first try -- choose the main file. If you don't like anything about the mod, take a look at the optionals. Collect any parts that you want and either put them on top of the main file, or merge later, or leave as is.


    - added all-in-one Game version, added head mesh with lods. Please merge it with any of main versions giving it a higher prority if you need them lods.

     Small update before I'm leaving to the countryside so I don't leave you guys waiting :B

    - updated standalone hair files, small changes of color + added DLC hairstyle that wasn't included previously; there's an option of DLC hair with no braids, for anyone else who disliked them like I did.
    - updated eye textures. It's now less blurry -- it was the main goal -- and has two variants of colors to choose from -- bright blue or dark blue.
    !IMPORTANT! Unfortunately, not all of my modding tools are working atm, so I didn't have a chance to finish these files properly. Please use it with either standalone eyes file v1.00, or any of the main files, otherwise the mod won't work. I'll fix it when I'm back in town!

Phew. I'm getting close to finish the work on this part of a mod and focus on maintaining a new version with hair and outfits.
     - face textures tweaked a little, I edited the hairline and touched small details here and there. Added new 'BOOK' version with blue eyeliner and subtle lip gloss.
     - eye textures updated and are standalone now.
     - old all-in-one versions 1.00 are now somewhat obsolete. Because of the huge amount of options and mod limit being fixed recently, I see no more interest in packing those myself.
Just collect stuff one by one or use a prepacked main file with my favorite options.

Future plans
- SODDEN SCARS! + unique body textures for nude&lingerie appearances.
- Default & masquerade outfits redesign with not as much of soon-too-be-damaged skin shown.
- Loose hair? For now I'm looking onto Yen's style but it has weird textures so ugh. Maybe. Definitely yes if I figure out how to tweak transparency settings (HELP ME AAAA).

- Tweak how scalp looks
- Make new eye mods standalone
- Update all-in-one versions if anyone's interested.

Known issues & glitches & problems etc.
- The goddamn n3cK SeAm??//?/ The one under the jaw, idk what causes it. It's caused by my lack of 3d modeling skills. Won't be able to fix it myself.
- Hair is incompatible with NPC Physics 60FPS. Use modular versions without hair if you want that mod.  Compatible when the load order is correct.
- Face normalmap would look too detailed if you don't use Ellise's tweak for skin overlay. But it's a matter of taste.
- My head mesh has no lods and I don't like em anyways, so her face may infamously melt. It can be fixed by editing your user.settings


It has a similar eeeh 'root' as the other mods that mess with hd lods in game. Check Lip Movement and HiRes Shadows on NPCs in gameplay and High Quality Faces for possible solutions.
upd. I use both mods in my own game and I'm enjoying no silly lod-faces with all of the animations working, so I recommend that setup.

Or use an optional head mesh WITH lods in optional files. I didn't edit the lods (but they never were anything like vanilla too), but they work now. Thanks to Jatodude1 yet again.

- obviously CDPR for the game and those characters I really need to mod out so much (ayyyy passive agressive tone im best at it sry dear devs don't sue me please)
- CheshirK for MASSIVE help throughout whole procces of making the mod and more! She also helped with making new normalmap!
Check out her flickr and her flickr 2 for the greatest textures made for Skyrim ever (and some neat screenarchery too)! >:3
- W3's modding discord for opinions, advices and tutorials given. Special thanks for Jatodude1 for his tutorial series and lots of help in chat!
- Also big thanks to r1dman and MrFlashMode for participating in testing! They saved me hours of muh life and helped to find out tons of problems.

Aye, we hit the mod of the month! Thank you so much for your support! The amount of positive feedback I received is just incredible, I'm so glad that you people found what I do useful for yourselves!
Thank you all so, so much <3 <3 <3