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a TW2/E3 pre-release trailer inspired look for Triss

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I wanted to take a break from my ongoing Yen project, and work on something less tiresome and frustrating -- a small mod to test my skills and have fun. Which resulted in this.

It's a small rework of existing Triss' assets that make her look similar to what we saw in the Witcher 2 and early development of the Witcher 3. My main problem with vanilla Triss is that her appearance kinda came out of nowhere, and in my previous mod I tried to bring her closer to her book self -- while in this one I do the same, but with her previous games appearance.

Frankly, it's a middle ground between TW3, TW2 and Sword of Destiny trailer looks.

Mod includes:
> slightly updated head mesh, with more defined jaw, lips and nose shape
> new diffuse and ambient textures, and some tweaks to the normal maps; all variations (tortured, blooded) included;
> new eyelashes with heavy mascara on (unique to Triss)
> new eyes texture, closer to TW2, also unique to her (not shared with say Margarita)
> edited vanilla hairstyles' colors -- now dark red with warm orange highlights, also similar to TW2

Mod is offered as is, and no updates are planned. I may do something for this mod, I may not, no promises. Most requests about altering the setup or compatibility are about to be ignored. Sadly, I can only fully support one mod at a time.
If you want an alteration, I suggest you to make it yourself. You can always reach me if you need help with how to do that though.

Problems for now:
- couldn't merge the two parts of a mod correctly, so it's two parted lul; will try to fix
- slight color mismatch between head and body, same as with vanilla diffuses; not gonna fix that
- some hair clipping here and there
- roughly looking texture details; whatever.
- uncompressed diffuses; may cause longer loading or be blurred if you don't have enough VRAM;
- no LODs included, 

use LipMovement and HiRes Shadows for 1.32 to avoid face melting

alternative method:

Documents/The Witcher 3/user.settings: