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A bundle overhaul mod which utilizes the new crops, fruits and maschines provided by PPJA and tries to create a challenging but not frustrating experience playing Stardew Valley.

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This overhaul attempts to create a challenging but not frustrating experience fulfilling the community center bundles while also providing more variety to these with the help of the wonderful crops, fruits and artisan products addition offered by PPJA.

Included are some customized foraging items (possible with Farm Type Manager) and special rewards for fulfilling the bundles as well.
'Challenging' is interpreted as needing crops/fruits/artisan products only available after year 2 or later, utilizing more artisan machines, the necessity for buying and saving products for cooking recipes or trying your luck in the mines.

Maybe you should save some of these precious artifacts you discover around town, too~

Please note: This mod is not officially endorsed by PPJA, so please delegate your bug reports for CCCB to us ;)

Based on your gamplay the community center can be completed in a time span of 2 to 4 ingame years.
We wanted to create bundles which are more difficult to complete but also provide you with the feeling of reward after finishing them.

Please check the FAQ for more information.