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A Community Center bundle overhaul for players wanting a true challenge.

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An edit of the mod Challenging Community Center Bundles, featuring tweaks, various items removed and added, and general increased item requirements. To install and play, copy the main folder ("ChallengingCommunityCenterBundles") and the content pack included here to your Mods folder, and keep the CCCB config set to Vanilla (the default). None of the content packs from the main CCCB page are needed.
There are two difficulty settings for CCCB Advanced: Easy or Hard. Hard requires you to collect every possible item to complete the bundle, while easy will allow you to keep one or two item stacks unfilled. 

CCCB Advanced is based off of the Vanilla content pack from CCCB, and is in general fairly similar. Number of required items has generally been increased, for example from 20 to 40. The Artisan Products bundle now requires twice as many items, but the Animal Products bundle now accepts any item quality, not just Gold. The ??? Bundle now requires Iridium quality aged goods, and some items have been shuffled around. For a full list of all required items, visit the Docs tab, or the Articles tab for a list of differences with the CCCB Vanilla bundle.

New: PPJA Version. Requires Project Populate JSON Assets. Some items replaced with new items added by that mod pack.