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I am not actively working on my mods, but you can still contact me for any reason. If you need to reach me, add me on Discord @ 6480#2370, or on Twitter


I'm available for artwork commissions! Also, feel free to contact me if you have a mod project you think I'd be interested in working on, or need feedback on your own art!


If you like my work and want to support me, please consider sending me a donation :-)


Mods that I've contributed to:

Ancient Crops -- crop and product sprites

Boarding House -- forageables pack sprites

PPJA Fruits and Veggies -- some crop and product sprites

PPJA Legacy Sprites -- some sprites

PPJA Mizu's Flowers -- rafflesia and pitcher plant crops and products


Currently working on:


All of my original artworks and assets are available for anyone to use for Stardew Valley mods, unless otherwise stated on the mod page. I am also completely fine with modifications to my work. You do not need to contact me for permission, but you must provide credit. (I would also appreciate being told of your mod, but that's not necessary!)

- You may not use my work to make copies of existing mods either here or on other sites, except to update them.


- Updating mods I own is encouraged, especially if I'm inactive. You may post a link to the update in the comments section, but if you want to upload it to Nexus, please contact me first. If I don't respond in 90 days, you can upload the updated version on its own mod page.


- You may allow donations for mods containing my work but you may not use it for content behind paywalls, including patreon releases.


- Some of my work is a modification of someone else's work. If this is the case, these permissions do not apply and you must contact the original creator.


- I reserve the right to have my work removed from any mod. I'll only use this in a worst-case scenario :-)


Here's my mod recommendation list.