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A Vanilla Tweaks collection pack! Enhance your gameplay by providing you a few GUI Changes and new visuals for your Skill Icons!

Permissions and credits

1. Download Content Patcher,
2. Drop it inside your Mods folder,
3. Done! From here you can:

+ Enable or disable any feature. For that, run SMAPI once to generate the config file of the mod and edit it manually.
+ Configure your preferences better by using spacechase's Generic Mod Config Menu.

Vanilla Tweaks is a massive texture pack, reimagining Stardew Valley's artwork into my funky and controversial artstyle. This collection is a gathering of my view and interpretation of your known items and some small features, giving them brand new cool visuals to enhance your gameplay, and add diversity to your walkthroughs!

The changes go from small to big overhauls, and most of the designs presented by me reuse the original color palettes offered by the items itself. That way, the art can still fell vanilla, but with touchups. With the mod being fully configurable, you can edit it the way you prefer to use with any other retexture mods created by the community and not feel like you need to choose over one or another.

Vanilla Tweaks - Interface Edition is the smallest pack of the collection. It only features a small portion of Inventory Tab Icons, Skill Icons, Wallet Items and other misc sprites. For other packs, check the links at the bottom of the page!


You'll find that a small selection of your inventory tab icons got tweaked to my taste. Since they are very small things to bother with, you don't need to worry with big unrecognizable changes, after all that's the intention of the mod.
As for your skill visuals is different. Each one of them can be unique and surprise you. Are you a player that doesn't pay much attention to it? Well, say no more.

Wallet Items Reworked

So that you don't feel like they're being left out.

New Quality Stars

Silver, Gold and Iridium were never that shiny.

Less-brightful Icons

For all lovers of less vibrant colors, may this make your reading more rewarding. Turn them on in the config!

Interface Mods Compatibility

Vanilla Tweaks - Interface Edition is compatible with a few other interface mods to match their aesthetic so you don't lose anything else:

* Vibrant Pastoral Recolor Inspired UI by Doragoun
* Lavender Dreams UI Recolor by Vinilla
* Natural Accent Interface by Sinistea
* Overgrown Flowery Interface by Maraluna7
* Vintage Interface V1 by Mana Kirel
* Vintage Interface V2 by ManaKirel
* Starry Blue UI by sqbr
* DaisyNiko's Earthy Interface by DaisyNiko
* Void's Weird Wonders UI by VoidWitchCult

This new version of Vanilla Tweaks was brought to life with my friend Airyn's help. He dedicated a portion of his time to improve the existing mod's code into something better for the users. A special thanks goes also to Lani who also offered to help with the code in the early versions of the mod as well. I will never have enough words to thank them both but both of them have a special place in my heart.

I'd also like to give lots of appreciation to the SDV Discord modding community for hyping up Vanilla Tweaks so much! X)
Extra love goes to my friends, rikai, Sheku, Wildflour, Max, Soph, Red, Kall, Hime, Kedi & Erin that were there for me when I needed them, cheering me up, giving feedback and encouraging me to continue steadily working on this project.

Credits and thanks to Doragoun, Vinilla, Sinistea, Maraluna7, ManaKirel, sqbr and DaisyNiko as my UI compatibility patches reuse their assets (or only their asset colors) to make this pack work safely with their work.

As for the art in the mod, I took a vast amount of inspiration from and studied many incredible pixel artists that I admire. So a huge thanks to Reff SQ, Achi, Imvested, Stitch, DIM, Nashor Kim, RyanKamos, Lancaster, 영이 and 고마 as well!

Lastly, I'd like to give special mention to Bblueberry and her mod "The Love of Cooking". This mod page edits and design were heavily inspired by hers, so an extra special shout out to her! :)