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ouofyvC.png eu desenho bem, confia.

Hey hey, I'm Tai! Just a young teenager having fun making mods and artwork for Stardew Valley. As I have more things to do besides that, I'm not fully active in my work, but in case you want to add me I have a Discord.

I also make commissions, whether they are sprites or non-sprite art, I guarantee that I will do my best, so feel free to talk to me and see if I can meet your needs. If you like my work, you can support me on my Ko-Fi:


Currently working on:


Strange Machines

Vanilla Tweaks


Future projects:


- Machinery - An Strange Machines rework;

- SV - Mobile Mods Compatibility Wiki - a complete wiki with all the mods >>i used and know<< that works on mobile;

- Finish Vanilla Tweaks.

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