Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Head to the islands of the Chain and help the inhabitants figure out what happened to their land. A small new lands mod, fully voice-acted, with 11 side quests and a main quest split in 3 quests! It also comes with its very own player home!

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin

"For what it's worth I'll never forget you, and I'm going to live a very, very long time. So … yes. Take care, all right?" - Drake of Blades

Travel to one of the islands of the Chain and discover what turned their island into a purple aspen tree island. Help the citizens through their struggles or join the East Empire Company to develop trade with other islands and people! But be careful, some of your actions have consequences: helping some people may help them find an occupation, or unlock something, or just die, maybe, who knows?

This "New Lands" and "Quest" mod has 14 quests that all take place in the Chain. While very small, these new islands should keep you occupied for a few hours! If you are also looking for a place to sleep, you can get yourself a small island in the Chain for you and your children!

  • How do I start the mod?
First of all, wait 24 hours in-game for the mod to set itself correctly. Then, head to the Frozen Hearth in Winterhold, a woman called Rilia will be asking for help. Be sure to have a health potion on yourself when talking to her, she needs one!

  • Is this mod voiced?
Yes, it is! By a lot of people!

  • Are there any recruitable followers in this mod?
Depending on what you do, there might be. No regular ones though, they all have specific frameworks since none of them really fit in the normal framework.

  • Where are the quests?
Talk to the people in the Chain, some of their dialogues will lead you to quests.

  • Do I get to make my own decisions in this mod?
Slightly. Your choices may turn some characters into followers, or into vendors, or into dead corpses. The choices are pretty explicit, so you shouldn't be shocked of the outcomes.

  • Are these new lands follower friendly?
Yes, although your followers might get stuck during the Main Quest, so I suggest going alone. A character from the story will accompany you anyway, SO DON'T WORRY YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License