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Venture beyond Skyrim, into the mists of the Sea of Ghosts, and uncover the legacy of an ancient Dragonborn order.

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  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Mandarin
  • German


Battle 5 unique and challenging bosses.
Obtain new spells and summons.
Claim a unique and powerful sword befitting the last Dragonborn.
During the 2 hours playtime, witness and take part in the finale of an old and forgotten tale.


✥✥Note that majority of the mod's content has been remade/rewritten from the ground-up.✥✥
The mod is designed for high level characters. Having high armors, resistances, and more than 600 Health is highly recommended.
(300 Health is bare minimum for surviving a strong attack.)
Install the mod with mod manager, or manually.

As of version 1.4, Dragon Rising quest must be completed before you can begin Ancient Legacy.
To begin the quest, find a book with black cover in one of these locations:


In times long past, the flames of war ravaged the land. The blood of men coated the sky in crimson as their dragon overlords watched from above the mist.
As great cities fell and hopes waned, an order or warriors led by dragon-blooded heroes rose; their leader held a runed blade and charged into the battlefield as others followed, leaving nothing but husks and bones of their enemies in their wake.

Under the timeless lights of Aetherius, Akatosh had forged and bestowed this weapon to an order of knight paladins; that was this very blade.
Their voices cleared the ever-lasting mist, and with combined effort, men were able to prevail, and the tides of war shifted.

The voices were taught to countless warriors across the continent, both by them and the nordic heroes, aiding the rebellion.
At the peak of a divisive battle, the World Eater emerged before the paladins, challenging them. Amidst the storm of ice and fire, a slash from the Blade of Akatosh torn open a rift in time. The voices of great heroes crippled the black wings, and so the firstborn of Akatosh fell into their trap. He was banished.

As the winds of winter and the fragrance of life settled the land, the paladins fled north into the sea. Their voices erected a temple, a sanctum to Akatosh. Witnessing the absolute power of the blade, they wished to seal it there forever. The paladins became the keepers.

Centuries passed, and time began catching up to them. In desperation, the order delved into necromancy and shadow magic to prolong their lives, and to continue guarding the blade after deaths. They had forsaken the lights of the divines for the greater good.

It wasn't the dark arts that brought the end to the order, it was treachery.

As men withered and passed, the few remaining mer among the ranks sought to take the blade for themselves. However, none made it through the trails, and then they were banished by the souls of their old comrades.
A few survived the ordeal and went into hiding; however, one sought to return.
He said he would, and he will. Alduin will return, and when that day comes, Tamriel will usher his name: Rendil, Arch Rendil of Resdayn, and the Chimer high-lord!