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Darken the corner and hide with two new, lore-friendly and high-quality custom effects spells. Moonshadow, and Concealment.

Staff and scrolls are available as well. Now's time for your stealthy, magic caster to rejoice!

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    Check out my quest mod:The Final Cataclysm
*Please check out the new update if you're playing that mod. Loads of new contents were added.

2 new expert illusion spells added to the leveled list (Via. Quest, no conflict) Moonshadow and Concealment. 
Staff and scrolls would be added alongside the spells as well. They will not appear instantly, but over time
as you play the game. You can, however, add them with console commands.

These light-reduction spells affect sneaking and detection of NPCs.
They can be used for sneaking in board daylight, or darken the interior to hide in the corner.

In a sense, Moonshadow is the equivalent of Candlelight, Concealment is Magelight. 

  Expert Spell. Can be cast using either hand.
Black orb hovers on the caster, shrouding him/her and the surrounding in darkness.

  Expert Spell. Can be cast using either hand.
Fires a black orb, shrouding anything near it in darkness. The orb sticks where it strikes.

Thank you and happy sneaking!