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Adds thousands (yes, I checked and it is actually in the thousands) of first person animations that overwrite the vanilla ones. Includes unique animations depending on weapon type (so axes, maces, and daggers are no longer used like swords). Does not require Nemesis or FNIS to work.

Previews can be found at the bottom of the description.

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So... what is this mod?

The long and short of it is this — this mod replaces almost every single vanilla animation from the first person perspective, and even adds some unique ones depending on what weapon or school of magic you're using. I set out to create this mod in early March 2023, after I saw ShoryukenBruh's mod and I thought, "huh, I kinda want to try doing that too." They gave me the necessary inspiration to get this started (and they, in turn, were inspired by 5poiler's mod, which kind of makes them the grandparent of my own). And thus, here we are.

Before you do anything, make sure you install Dynamic Animation Replacer OR Open Animation Replacer if you haven't already. Definitely a hard requirement. If you don't get it, this mod probably just won't do anything.

1. Download with your mod manager of choice and run through the FOMOD installer.


1. Download the mod and extract the .zip file.
2. Open up the extracted folder. Inside, you should see all the options the mod includes.
3. Pick which options you want to install. Only pick one option per weapon.
4. Open the folders for your chosen options. Inside each folder is a folder named meshes. Copy that to your Skyrim's Data folder.
5. If you ever want to install a different option, repeat steps 2-4. Allow your new choices to overwrite the old ones.

And you're done. That's all it takes. This mod doesn't add any new animations, just replaces existing ones, so you don't need to run Nemesis or FNIS or anything like that. Can be installed or uninstalled at any time with no consequences. It just works right out of the box.


1. Is this mod ever going to get updated?
Yes. Eventually. 1.0.5 is likely a ways away (sorry in advance).

2. My FOV keeps getting reset every time I open the map/character menu!
This isn't a fault of my mod at all but I still see it getting asked here all the time, so I'll address two fixes for it that I've seen.

  • You can input fov X X into the console in-game. Obviously replace X with your desired FOV, and yes, input it twice. This will set both the viewmodel and world FOV to match, which should fix the issue (thank you to TheCrumbinator3 for posting this fix in the comments).

  • Alternatively, you can go and download the mod SkyTweak (it's only on LE right now, but there's a guide here on the SE nexus that will tell you how to convert it, which is super easy to do, and yes it still works with the most recent version of Skyrim). Once installed, open up the game and head into the SkyTweak MCM menu. Under the INI category, set both the first and third person FOV to your desired value. This is the solution I use and it works wonders, and you don't have to reinput the value every time you reload the game which is a nice touch.

3. Does this work with Open Animation Replacer?
Yes. As OAR's mod page states, it supports full backwards compatibility with all DAR mods. I have recently been enlightened to the power of OAR so I will be switching over soon.

4. Is this compatible with third person mods?
Yes. My mod only affects first person animations.

5. Will you ever make a third person mod that matches up with these animations?
Not likely. This mod actually did get its roots as a third person mod, but I was wildly unhappy with how the animations came out and so switched to first person.

6. How come I can see a certain update in the changelog but it's not available to download?
That's just a preview of the next update to come. It's partly so people will know what to expect from the next update, but mostly because I will definitely forget everything I added in by the time I'm ready to release the update and write the full changelog.

7. Does this mod work with Animated Armory / Heavy Armory, etc.?
Yes. Pretty much every other first person animation mod that uses DAR should overwrite my animations when necessary.

8. My character's wrists look really deformed when not wearing gloves/gauntlets!
This is most noticeable with body mods like CBBE. It's not really something I'm keen to fix because it's such a niche condition to see it (not wearing gloves/gauntlets). I would probably have to change nigh-on every single animation to accommodate this and that would likely result in a bunch of very stiff-looking animations, which is not a worthy trade-off in my opinion.

9. Some of the animations look different than the previews in the description!
This is because my laptop can barely run Skyrim anymore, and it gets a lot worse when I try to record something. I'm sure nobody wants to see 12 fps previews, so I just haven't been able to update them yet. Most of them still look pretty similar to the original previews, though, so it's not terrible.

10. Can I disable the camera movement?
No. It's baked into the animations, unfortunately, and there's no way (that I know of) to get rid of them on your end. I added camera movement for attacks in 1.0.4 because so many people were asking me to implement it. If I tried to keep up with a second version that doesn't have camera movement, it'd double my work load, which is big enough as is. So, the only thing you can do to 'disable' it is use an older version of the mod.

11. [Mod-added weapon] isn't lined up properly with the hands!
And it will continue to be so. I'm not going to make a bespoke patch for every mod-added weapon under the sun, sorry.

12. I don't like the new greatsword power attack!
That's fine. Go into the mod's files, find the folder labeled -781, and delete everything with "power" in the name. The old power attacks will return in 1.0.5.

13. I can't see my shoulders when drawing a bow!
You're probably using a mod-added armor piece that doesn't include the shoulders in the first-person viewmodel. There's nothing you or I can do about it, unfortunately.

14. Ebony armor blocks my screen!
There is nothing I can do about this. That's a model problem, not an animation problem. It's a "feature" of Skyrim.

15. My arms teleport to the top of the screen when I get staggered!
Thanks to another very helpful modder, I have some idea of what's causing it, but it's not a complete fix, so until I can 100% solve it, I'd suggest getting a mod that disables player stagger entirely.

16. Which version of Skyrim does this work with?
All of them except Legendary Edition (Xtudo's LE port is linked above). As long as you have the right version of DAR/OAR, this mod should work fine with any version of Skyrim.

17. I don't know what animations to select!
Just pick whichever ones you like the look of (remember, there are previews at the bottom of the page!). If you need some help choosing, my personal selections are as follows:

Sword/dual swords on hip
All follow through options
Dagger alternate reverse grip
Dual daggers alternate grip
Greatsword high swings
Unarmed jab punches
All movement options

But I'm not your dad, so just pick whatever ones you end up liking the most!


1. Some power attacks transition weirdly and my hands teleport around for a second before it starts.
This is not my fault. This is part of Skyrim, and it's noticeable even with the vanilla animations. My guess is the game detects the attack input, plays the attack animation, before it detects the input was held down and quickly switches to the power attack animation, causing the jank.

2. When using Precision - Accurate Melee Collisions, certain animations land twice.
This is my fault. If an animation is too slow it'll land a second hit as it recovers. This mainly affects a select few attacks like the bow bash and sword power bash, but since they're bash attacks I'm not really worried about it. As far as I know, none of the light and power attacks are affected by this.

3. My weapons/hands are too close/I can see weird things happening at the corners of the screen.
This is because I designed these animations to look good at fields of vision of around 80-110 (I used FOV 100 during testing). I guess I should've designed them around FOV 60, which is Skyrim's base FOV but, well, uh...

  • You can input fov X X into the console in-game. Obviously replace X with your desired FOV, and yes, input it twice. This will set both the viewmodel and world FOV to match, which should fix the issue (thank you to TheCrumbinator3 for posting this fix in the comments).

  • Alternatively, you can go and download the mod SkyTweak (it's only on LE right now, but there's a guide here on the SE nexus that will tell you how to convert it, which is super easy to do, and yes it still works with the most recent version of Skyrim). Once installed, open up the game and head into the SkyTweak MCM menu. Under the INI category, set both the first and third person FOV to your desired value. This is the solution I use and it works wonders, and you don't have to reinput the value every time you reload the game which is a nice touch.

4. Certain mod-added spells don't have the unique animations that they should.
This mainly applies to shock, soul trap, fear, frenzy, and pacify spells. Because of the way I had to set these up, mod-added spells that use these spell effects very likely won't get the unique animations. They'll probably just revert to the default ones from this mod. I haven't done any testing, but I'm sure this would be an issue for almost any major magic mods like Apocalypse or Odin.

5. Certain animations transition weirdly between left to right attacks.
This is Skyrim's fault, I think. As far as I know, it's not possible to tell the game what stage the animation is at, and have it transition from that into the next attack without teleporting the weapon a bit. Right now, the biggest offenders are the greatsword, battleaxe, and warhammer. Believe me, it bothers me too, but I don't think there's much I can do about it, unfortunately. If I'm wrong, please let me know.

6. There are no sneak animations.
I know, I know, not very 'comprehensive' anymore, is it? For the longest time, these were buggy and didn't want to work. But finally, with the help of another kind modder, I've figured it out! Expect sneak animations at some point in the future.

7. There are no dual sword and dagger / sword and axe / sword and mace etc. animations.
This probably won't change for the time being. There's just too many combinations. There'd have to be separate animation sets for a sword in the right hand and an axe in the left, a sword in the right and a mace in the left, a sword in the right and a dagger in the left, and the same thing for mace in the right and so on and so forth. Maybe one day, but not now.

8. There are no new first person killmove animations.
And it will probably stay that way for a while. I just haven't figured out how to do it yet. I've seen videos recently of custom killmoves, so I know it is possible.

9. There are no new shield block/bash animations.
I was originally going to make these, but I really couldn't think of any ways to animate the shield any differently than vanilla. It's a pretty straightforward affair, and as of now I don't think they need to be touched. Does this still count as 'comprehensive' at this point?

10. When I equip or unequip dual magic while moving my arms teleport to the top of the screen for a second.
Okay, so I have absolutely ZERO idea what's going on with this one. I figured I was missing a very specific animation (if this is the case I have yet to find out which one) or maybe the animations got exported weirdly. Was not the latter, as I went back and re-exported all of the equip and unequip animations and updated all instances of them, but no luck. If someone has an idea of why this is happening, please let me know, because it's driving me crazy.

I still don't get what's happening with this. I did EXTENSIVE testing and trial and error trying to fix it, and it seems to be caused by having both the left hand and right walking/running animations being played at the same time. But when I export the right hand animations with both hands up and get rid of the left hand one, only the right hand gets animated properly. So for now, until I can properly fix it, I'm just getting rid of the custom walking/running animations. I don't think the vanilla ones are that bad, so they should hold you over for now.

11. Hands teleport when getting staggered.
For now, I'd suggest getting a mod that disables player stagger entirely.

12. Animation doesn't play properly when sprinting with fists raised.
Probably just an animation I forgot to add/replace. Will be out for next update.

That was not the issue, not sure what's going on here. Will do more digging.

13. Sheathed movement does not play when using Improved Camera or similar mods.
I honestly have no idea how to fix this, so I guess you'll have to deal with it. I'm sorry, I wish there was something I could do about it.

14. Wrists are deformed during certain animations when not wearing gloves/gauntlets, most notably the magic and unarmed idles.
I'm sorry, but this would be much too tedious to fix right now. I would have to edit hundreds of animations, and it would probably end up causing an issue with something else. Simplest fix is just to wear gloves/gauntlets.

15. There are no new animations for running with magic equipped.
See #10 please.

16. Dual maces and axes use dual sword left power attacks.
I just overwrote a few things by accident.

Left attack is fixed, I'm working on getting the power attacks back.

17. I have a mod that puts the shield on the back, but I still see it in first person.
Those kinds of mods only work in third person, and as far as I know there's no way of replicating it in first person. I'd recommend just disabling all the movement options if it bothers you that much.

18. Scoped bows aren't lined up properly.
And they probably never will be. The amount of work and tedium required to fix this is too much for me. I'd have to guess where the scope is, and keep fine tuning the hand positions until it looks perfect and I really don't want to do that. Plus, I don't like scoped bows anyways. Sorry.

19. Ebony armor blocks my vision in first person.
Not really my fault (I guess it kind of is). My mod doesn't edit models or textures or anything like that so that's just a "feature" of vanilla Skyrim.

20. I can't see my torso armor/upper arms in first person.
You're probably running CBBE or some other body mod. Not sure about any other similar mods, but it's been confirmed at least once that CBBE might be involved in making torso armor invisible in first person for whatever reason. If you're experiencing this issue and have CBBE installed, try disabling it first.


XP32 Maximum Skeleton: According to the bug tracker, this mod causes a lot of weird issues with my mod, but the way to fix it seems to be reinstalling XP32 and only selecting the default options. I run it in my own load order with all the default options and it works fine.

Joy of Perspective: From what I've heard, this mod causes a lot of problems with mine, so I'd avoid it if you plan to download my mod. Even if you did have it, then removed it, there might be some lingering files so please make sure you do a clean uninstall of it!

CBBE (possibly other body mods as well): Apparently the deformation of the wrists is a LOT worse with CBBE than with the vanilla body. It's only noticeable when your character isn't wearing gloves/gauntlets so I don't think it's a huge deal. Also, CBBE supposedly (I think through editing the meshes) makes vanilla torso armors invisible in first person with this mod. No idea why.

SkySA's first person addon: If you're experiencing issues with the animations not working at all (besides the equip/unequip and idle animations), see if you've got this lurking somewhere in your load order and try getting rid of it.

Improved Camera: This one does work with CFPAO, but you just have to remember to enable the dedicated fix in Improved Camera's in-game menu to get them to work together. If you're having issues with CFPAO and have this mod installed, try checking if you have that fix enabled or not.

Vortex mod manager: Use of this mod manager seems to break the mod during installation for some people, resulting in things like missing data or simply no animations in game. Apparently this is a rare issue that can happen with any mod, so take this with a grain of salt.

Mod Organizer mod manager: Apparently using this mod manager can break the animations for some people, resulting in them being invisible or at the player's feet. I'm unsure what exactly triggers this to break, as I use Mod Organizer 2 with no issues. If you have a similar issue, I'd recommend trying everything else first, but if all else fails try installing the mod manually (explained above).


Precision - Accurate Melee Collisions by Ersh: This mod will improve both first and third person combat, making it so your weapon actually has to hit your opponent rather than an arbitrary time marker being reached. I've been told that this mod works fine without it, though. So it's up to you!

Valhalla Combat by dTry: This mod will spice up your combat experience on a mechanical level, adding things like stun and executions, projectile parrying, timed blocking, and fun stamina management. Even if you don't download my mod, this one is worth getting.

Verolevi's third person animation mods: These animations are always a must-have in any of my load orders and will overhaul basically all of your third person animations. They're really, really, talented and well-done. Another major inspiration.

Finally First Person Magic Animation for SSE by 5poiler: This mod is obviously not compatible with the full package, but if you want to use these animations with my mod, untick the magic animations in the FOMOD installer.

Also check out ShoryukenBruh's mod: My mod comes with a FOMOD installer, so if you want to mix and match mine with his, you can disable the weapons you don't want in mine and enable them in his!


-189: Argonian claws
-289: Khajiit claws
-393: Pickaxe
-677: Sword and shield
 -678: Mace and shield
-679: Axe and shield
-680: Dagger and shield
-707: Dual swords
-708: Dual maces
-709: Dual axes
-710: Dual daggers
-777: Sword
-778: Mace
-779: Axe
-780: Dagger
-781: Greatsword
-782: Battleaxe
-783: Warhammer
-788: Bow
-789: Fists
-790: Crossbow
-19000 to -19002: Shock spells
-20000 to -20002: Destruction spells
-29000 to -29002: Soul trap
-30000 to -30002: Conjuration spells
-30012 to -30017: Bound weapons
-40000 to -40002: Alteration spells
-47000 to -47002: Pacify spells
-48000 to -48002: Frenzy spells
-49000 to -49002: Fear spells
-50000 to -50002: Illusion spells
-60000 to -60002: Restoration spells
98999 to -99002: Sprinting
99992 to -100000: Jumping
100001 to -10005: Swimming
199998 to -200005: Sprint jumping/swimming with weapons unsheathed
200011 to -200015: Swimming with bow unsheathed


These are listed in no particular order. Please don't take this list to mean these things are guaranteed, as I have always had trouble committing to things and it's a miracle I've even gotten this far.

  • General bug fixes and tweaks: Always high on the list.
  • General improvement and refinement: Definitely need to start focusing on getting this mod into a polished state.
  • Sneak animations: I finally figured out what was causing these to break, so expect sneak animations in the future!
  • Magical staves: Things I missed the first time around.
  • Racial animation sets: What this means is that each race would have its own unique animation set, separate from the default one. So, for example, a Khajiit would wield a sword differently than a Nord would, and so on and so forth.
  • Unique weapon animation sets: Any unique, named weapon would get its own, unique animations. For example, someone wielding the Dawnbreaker sword would wield it much differently than a regular sword, or the Mace of Molag Bal differently than a regular mace. Will NOT extend to most mod-added weapons.
  • ESO style animations. Basically just adding interaction animations similar to ESO, like opening doors or picking things up. Not 100% sure on this one because it would probably require FNIS/Nemesis but it's something I'd like to do.

 for the wonderful
 Dynamic Animation Replacer mod — this wouldn't have been possible without you!
ShoryukenBruh for providing the first person rig and the inspiration — your work gave me the motivation to create this!
Verolevi for yet more inspiration — your work is superbly talented and I strive to reach your level of skill!
michaelfoushee for the awesome thumbnail — it's way better than the one I whipped up in in 5 minutes!
Xtudo for porting it to LE — giving the other half of Skyrim PC the opportunity to enjoy my animations!
Devilsplay77 for porting it to — now everyone can enjoy my work!
Skotnikov for sending in some preview gifs. Even though I'm not using them anymore, I still appreciate it.
Bethesda for creating the wonderful world of Skyrim — giving us all countless hours of fun and escape.
And finally, I'd like to thank you for downloading my mod, playing it, and catching all sorts of bugs and errors — this project would never be complete without you!

I apologize that these previews aren't a stable 60 fps. My laptop sucks.
Mods used: Realm of Lorkhan by Twin Crows and 
NordwarUA Total Armor and Weapon Compilation by TheRetroCarrot

"A versatile weapon good at slashing and stabbing, the sword sees use by soldiers, mercenaries, brigands, and now you. Nobody else ever knew how to properly use one of these, but you'll show them."

"Both a fearsome weapon and an important tool — the axe is just at home chopping wood as it is limbs. It's sure to put a chip on someone's shoulder... physically and figuratively, if they survive."

"The mace is a weapon of destruction. There's nothing else to it. It lacks the grace of the sword, the flair of the axe, and the agility of the dagger. They all call it a brutal weapon. Prove them right."

"It may not have the reach of the sword, or the sheer power of the mace. But it more than makes up for it in speed and precision. They'll be dead before they even hit the ground."

"Call it a claymore, a greatsword, a two-hander. Whatever you want to call it, it doesn't matter. Its weight and long blade make it the perfect weapon for cutting things down to size."

"The ultimate woodcutter's friend. Chop a tree down with it. Chop down a giant. What's the difference? They all fall the same way."

"They all said it was too heavy, too large, too unwieldy. They'll change their tune once they see it charging them down like an angry bull."

"They'll laugh at you at first when you show up to the fight without a weapon. But you'll have the advantage. You always have. The gods already gave you two."

"Those Nords with their skulls of cast iron will shun you for being a coward. You'll show them, when they're quivering on the ground with an arrow in their throat."

"It's got more range than the bow and a whole extra serving of stopping power. Those fools with their heavy armor won't know what to do once there's a bolt in their chest."

"You are power embodied. You control thunder, ice, and fire. You bend the minds of those around you. Alter the very fabric of reality. The wounds of yours and others are no obstacle. You control the whims of powerful beings and force those who have already made the ultimate sacrifice to give a little bit more. Bring forth your power, mage."

Mods used: 
Moon Monk's Robes by Kadreus, and Khajiiti Apex Armory by VickusDickus

"You know... I once got into a fist fight with a Khajiiti monk. I was drunk on victory and filled with confidence — just before he gave me ten fresh scars across my face."
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