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SKSE mod that rotates the player or character so you can see them in menus. Includes options for player and camera position, and rotation of the character, with additional mod support for mods like SmoothCam/TDM and works in Inventory/Container/Barter/Magic/Tween menus. Based on Oblivion Style Inventory and updated for SE/AE using CommonLibSSE-NG.

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This SKSE mod rotates the player to face the camera, or the camera around to face the player, as well as offset them to the right of the screen, when opening enabled menus, with the additional option to rotate them using a mouse or controller thumbstick.

Based on Oblivion Style Inventory, now with support for SE/AE thanks to CommonLibSSE-NG.

Rotate Player                                                                                   Rotate Camera [Alternate]

  • Show player in menus: inventory, container, barter, magic, and/or tween
  • Support for SE/AE in one .dll plugin due to CommonLibSSE-NG
  • Change initial player position and rotation, and camera position, in-game using a MCM
  • MCM Helper support to autosave and autoload settings
  • Choose whether to hide the 3D .nif models for a variety of form types in each menu to prevent them from covering the player
  • Support for SmoothCam/True Directional Movement/Skyrim Souls RE
  • Works in first and third person
  • Rotate character model in enabled menus using the right mouse button or right thumbstick

Player Rotation



Example Configurations (Rotate Camera)
MCM Settings
Show Player In Menus Hide 3D Models Hide Armor 3D: Enabled   


MCM Settings MCM Settings
SkyUI 3D Item Horizontal Offset: -30     SkyUI 3D Item Horizontal Offset: 7
SkyUI Item Card Horizontal Offset: 130 SkyUI Item Card Horizontal Offset: 130

Show Player In Menus X Offset: -50       Show Player In Menus X Offset: -60
Show Player In Menus Turn Amount: 0.2      Show Player In Menus Turn Amount: -0.2


MCM Settings
SkyUI 3D Item Horizontal Offset: -21
                        SkyUI Item Card Horizontal Offset: 200

Show Player In Menus X Offset: -60
Show Player In Menus Turn Amount: 0.2

Recommended additional mods
Some Collision Camera -or- No Collision Camera

  • Currently there is no option to hide 3D models in the magic menu unless somebody wants to disassemble the UpdateMagic3D function for me.
    If you don't care about hiding individual 3D models in menus, you can hide ALL 3D model arts by giving them a large offset in SkyUI's MCM and moving them offscreen.
  • *Skyrim Souls RE: Being able to change the pitch using Skyrim Souls RE's bEnableGamepadCameraMove feature is currently disabled in enabled menus.
  • *Skyrim Souls RE: Using the thumbstick to rotate the player will overlap with the bEnableGamepadCameraMove=1 feature. You can disable that feature in Skyrim Souls RE, or since my implementation is more precise, you can move the thumbstick very slightly to rotate the player while also not affecting the camera too much.

Known issues
  • Opening a book for the first time when book 3D models are disabled will cause the book animation to begin playing from off the screen. Subsequent opens should be fine.
  • HDT physics do not update properly in paused menus when rotating the character either through the Rotate Player option or by
    user input. This is a current limitation of Faster HDT-SMP. Will require a new version of Faster HDT-SMP. Fixed by Skyrim Souls RE.
  • Immersive Interactions: Camera shaking bug when using this mod with Immersive Interaction's reading notes Animation. Disable the animation in Immersive Interaction's MCM.
  • zxlice's ultimate potion animation - ZUPA: With this mod enabled in FIRST person and drinking a potion from the Inventory, the potion will not work. Disable this mod in first person, use the potion in third person, or use the potion from the favorites menu/hotkey.


beinz for the original Oblivion Style Inventory mod
CharmedBaryon for CommonLibSSE-NG
DarkMatterValkyrie for Another Race Menu Rotation Mod code for rotating character in menus
Doodlezoid for the code base of a CommonLibSSE-NG project that was easier for me to understand than the Sample Plugin
Ershin for the code used to load settings from MCM Helper and helping me with troubleshooting
MaskedRPGFan for help in writing MCM Helper configuration files
meh321 for Address Library for SKSE Plugins
michaelfoushee for the awesome logo
mwilsnd for the SmoothCam API
Parapets for MCM Helper
Qudix for the conversion of the original OSI mod to the modern SKSE code format that I shamelessly built upon, and additional coding help
Ryan for CommonLibSSE
scorrp10 for Heels Fix
SirArindel for Customizable Camera
Vermunds for item rotation code from Skyrim Souls RE - Updated
The SKSE team
The RE modding discord