Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Add a house for player use in separate external world space.
Hearthfire multiple adoptions are supported.
NPCs with very short quests and AI that runs on a schedule.
There is a feature to invite up to 10 NPCs or followers added by other mods to the house.
Sakura tree with custom texture planted in the garden.

Permissions and credits
Add a house for player use in a separate external world space.

I have published xbox one edition. But no normal texture.
and LE edition.

If you want, There are also variations of this mod made by squ3lch. Here is the link to it.
General Stores for Jakusou Sansou 
Children's Bunk Beds for Jakusou Sansou
No Dwemer Fan Noise for Jakusou Sansou

Note for those who used version 3.0.0

As of ver. 3.0.0, the directory structure containing the normal map of rocks has been changed to "ztreerocks". The following address is no longer needed, but other mods may use this normal map. Please delete them at your own discretion.
Data\Textures\landscape\ztree・ rocks\

Note for those who used version 1.0 バージョン1.0以前を使っていた人向けの注意事項
Past versions (1.0 and 1.1.1beta) contained several files that I did not know how to use.

I used a tool called  
TesvCheckEspFiles and found that these files are vanilla files.
Just in case, I do not know how correct this tool is, so I have uploaded an archive containing these files as optional file.
If you have updated from previous versions, those files may still be under the Data folder. The above files is probably a file included in replacement mods by another author. If you don't remember the mods that changes above files, I think you may delete them, but if you are using replacement mod, the effects of the replacement mod will be removed.

以前のバージョンには使途不明なファイルが含まれてましたが、チェックツールを使ったところバニラのファイルだとわかったので、それらのファイルを取り除いたものを圧縮したファイルをメインファイルとしてアップロードしました。(ver1.1) 一応ツールも完全ではないということなので、念のため含めたままのファイルもOptional fileでアップロードしてあります。

I am using machine translation because my English is not good. 日本語の説明は下のほうに追記しときます。

Nice video by Romulus Gaming thank you!  (perhaps in ver.1.1)

noice video By @FebrithDarkstar ! Here is another introductory video. Rather than looking at my screenshots, this video will give you a better idea of what it's all about! lol

______How to Install____________
Added by mod manager such as Vortex etc, like other common player house mods. I think.

_______Uninstall            _____________
This mod has more quests and scripts than the early days, so you may need to do something to uninstall it, but I'm not familiar with it, so I don't know yet. I will add it here as soon as I know.


I have minimal editing of Tamriel cell. This mod uses a lot of methods to apply different textures to the vanilla mesh (like SMIM), so if you are using a mod that changes the mesh, the display of objects may be corrupted.
I do not know about AE as I do not own it. (According to the comments, it seems non-problem.)
NPCs will be placed near the western watchtower, so there may be conflicts with mods that change this area. (ver.3.0.0)

East of ”Secunda's Kiss”. Map Marker will be added automatically as an undiscovered place. then, it cannot be fast-travel until you actually visit.
Keys are in the safe at the entrance.

___Facilities & Functions__________
  • There are craft stations indoor and outdoor, except for spiders and wand enchant, skyforge
  • 16 beds (10 of them are outside.) (ver.4.0.0)
  • Named custom storage by type (not respawn except for fish barrels.) The names for each category are as follows: Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Clothing, Staves, One-handed Weapons, Two-handed Weapons, Bows and arrows, Shield, Jewelry, Underwear, Cloaks, Unique Items, Misc Items, Foods, Books and Notes, Scrolls, Keys, Ores and Ingots, Animal Hides and leather, Potions, Poisons, Ingredients, Soul Gems, and "Commonly Used"
  • Dwarven Spider Merchant, 20000 golds (24-hour trading is available. He walks near the entrance between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm and patrols a set route the rest of the time.(1.2.0))
  • Hearthfire planters
  • Navmesh ready
  • Supports Hearthfire multiple adoptions, 6 beds (ver.2.1.0)
  • NPCs with very short quests and AI that runs on a schedule. The quest begins when you pass between the outdoor gate and the house. In other words, if you FT and head straight home, it should start. (ver.3.0.0)
  • Weapon racks and bookshelf (ver.3.1.0)
  • Function to invite NPCs with relationship rank 1 or higher to the house. (ver.4.0.0)
  • Switchable hanging scrolls.(ver.5.0.0)
  • Objects are displayed in the gallery as you complete Main Quests and side quests.(ver5.0.0)
    It will be displayed near the indoor entrance and in the gallery room of the passageway leading to the bathhouse.Quest Hints ->
    Main Quest: 2  Daedra Quest: 4  Thieves' Guild: 2  The Companions Quest: 1  College Quest: 1  DG Quest line: 2  Solstheim Side Quest: 2  Windhelm: 1

___Feature to invite a friend NPC_____________
 If you start or complete a quest for this house and speak to a Friend NPC while having the books required for the invitation(See image for location), you will be presented with the option to invite them.
It is best to avoid inviting NPCs involved in the quest as it may interfere with the progress of the quest. If you are not sure, making a backup is recommended.
 Up to 10 guests can be invited, and guest NPCs stroll in the gardens, eat, and bathe on their own schedule, as will the NPCs listed below.
 Guests who are successfully invited become temporarily immortal and begin traveling from there to Jakusou Sansou. If you hire an NPC as a follower that you invite as a guest, NPC actions as a guest take precedence. (Quest Priority 81)
 You can send the guest home from the dialogue (without confirmation). (However, if the NPC does not have an AI that acts in a specific location, it will remain there. I am not sure if such a unique NPC exists.) If the NPC returns home, immortality is removed.  When NPC returns home, the granted immortality will be removed.
 If more than one guest is present, a dialogue appears in the conversation with the Dwarven Sphere asking all guests to return home.
Since ver.5.0.0 Dwarven Sphere now shows a list of guests currently invited.

Conditions for NPCs that can be invited: Unique NPC, relationship rank of friend or higher, not current follower, not a Jarl, not a housecarl, not a steward, not an animal, Not a spouse.,not belonging to a "FavorExcludedFaction" (e.g. Mercer, Ancano, and others belong to this group info:UESP)

Guest Schedule
11 pm to 6 am: go to bed
6 am to 9 am: Spend time in the guest room
9 am to 3 pm: Spend time in different places depending on the day of the week and weather.
    Monday: behind the waterfall
    Tuesday: Near dry garden and gate
    Wednesday: Near moss garden next to dry garden
    Thursday: Around the Gazebo
    Friday: Upstream most pond
    Saturday: Inside the house (Stay indoors even if it rain or snow.)
    Sunday: Near the pond upstream
    If it is raining or snowing: guest room or outdoor lounge (set up so that more people go to the lounge. Also, after 3 hours the guests may be moved to one of the rooms).

3 pm to 6 pm: Open-air bath
18 pm to 20 pm: Dine with NPCs in the lounge
8 pm to 11 pm: Spend time in the lounge

Since from ver. 5.0.0, four of the guests now have their own separate activities. Each will act alone.
NPCs belonging to different groups will move to each of the 4 locations every 3 hours in-game time

- Bathing area at the uppermost pond, Near the water wheel, Before the pine road, Top of the hill (exit of the cave)

___About NPC_____________
Angelia: Height 1, Weight 50
Lucia: Height 0.97, Weight 90
Antje: Height 0.97, weight 5.0
Erwin: Height 1.0050, Weight 30
Renate: Heigh 0.99, Weight 50     All NPCs are named after Girls frontline lol
They will stay at home when they complete their quest. They will also be available as followers. Renate may avoid fighting, however. Their appearance is appropriate and they may have a gap in their neck. (Never mind they have the key from the beginning because I could not figure out how to give them the key for clearing the quest.)
From midnight to 6 am: Sleep at indoor bedroom
7 to 8 am: Breakfast somewhere indoors
8 to 10 am: open-air bath
From 10 am to 6 pm: different places to spend time depending on the day of the week and weather.
Since Ver. 5.0.0 NPCs work as inn keepers and lumberjacks. The lumberjack and wood hauler will be done on Saturdays and the Merchant is open in the outdoor lounge from 9:30 am on rainy days or Saturdays. open daily from 5:30pm.
   In case of rain or snow, spend time in the outdoor lounge.
    Monday: Near the pond upstream
    Tuesday: Near the water wheel
    Wednesday: Dry garden
    Thursday: Crafting Area
    Friday: Around the Gazebo (Only on Fridays, even if it rains or snows, they stay in the gazebo.)
    Saturday: Work as a lumberjack or Inn keeper.
    Sunday: Behind the waterfall

6 pm to 8 pm: Dinner in the outdoor lounge
 Merchants work in the lounge until 10:30pm.
8 pm to 11 pm: open-air bath on weekdays
       Indoor bath on weekends
11 pm to midnight: Library and bedroom area

Dwarven Sphere: Carter
He is not a merchant, just an automaton who guards and roams. He tries to transform as he moves through each area!
Outdoor entrance
 stop at the outdoor lounge Perhaps he is charging. lol
the most upstream pond
Near the chicken coops
At the gate
near the tree that looks like a cherry blossom (means, Gildergreen)

  • Separate World Space. There is a room without loading in the outside cell and a house with intervening loading.
  • Part of the interior of the house is designed in the image of a Japanese inn.
  • Japanese garden-like garden ( I intend to make these in a Japanese style, but I am not an expert and do not know much about it, so I do not know if these can be called Japanese gardens or not. and they may not be traditionally correct.) If you want to avoid grass popping up due to the grass increase mod, you may want to install No Grass In Objects
  • Indoor bathhouse and outdoor open-air bath outside
  • Sauna room
  • A lot of waterfalls , and water
  • Idle pose markers usable by player and NPCs without mods such as "Dovahkiin Relax Too" (Wall lean, fence lean, drink mead keg, and crouch actions cannot be done by the player)
  • Uniquely tweaked Sound Markers (Vanilla insect voices and other sounds are appropriated.)
  • Unequip Script at bathhouse and open-air bath area (NPC only. There is report that it does not work with SOS and NFF.)
  • Indoor and outdoor linked storage (It works when I playing, but I am not sure if this system will work well, as it is an experimental system, cuz not based on the tutorials of other people who know more about it.)
  • On/off switchable campfire, light, window shutter, shower, faucet
  • Chouzu-bachi (handbasin) that can cure diseases. also granted a buff that improves the trading price. (ver.3.0.0)
  • Fast-traveling to a map marker is set to arrive inside the garden. If you want to enter through the entrance every time, please FT to Secunda's Kiss.
  • Fast travel is possible from indoor cells. (Because it has a hole lol)
  • The sky can be viewed from inside cell. (The indoor weather does not seem to change with shouts, so a console command is required if you want to change it.)
  • Almost all clutters are fixed objects. (Septim coins in the fountain are not fixed.)
  • Players only undressing script. (ver.3.0.0) The player undresses by activating a basket with clothes near the bath. The player is not completely naked, but does not take off any equipment in the slots, such as rings or amulets (which are usually removed when taking a bath, but this is just my taste). 
  List slots that do not take off, and prominent mods that use them.
31 - hair
35 - amulet
36 - ring
40 - tail
41 - long hair
42 - circlet
43 - ears
50 - decapitated head [NordRace]
55 - face alternate or jewellery, Ultimate Assortment earrings, ImoMegane - GlassesBandolier - Bags and Pouches Classic Right and Right back one
60 - misc/FX
61 - FX01 

  • Achievers are now displayed in the house. However, most of them are junk, not artifacts as you might think.(ver.5.0.0)
  • The uppermost pond is now a bathing area where NPC can undress.
  • I have added a "Causes Flag" to the water in this mod. I believe this allows for bathing actions in iNeed, Bathing in Skyrim, etc. (I don't know, I haven't installed these mods)(ver.5.0.0)
  • NPCs with AI to labor(ver.5.0.0)

___Known Issues_______________
  • When using some idle markers, the first-person view makes the body rotate.
  • Navmesh in sauna room is messy and NPCs tend to warp.
  • Dragons Reach and others exist in the LOD. I don't know how to solve this, but I don't think it's much of a problem. Probably Fixed.
  • There is a forced water flow in the pond down the side slope next to the first entrance. (I am unable to delete the file in CK and do not know how to solve the problem.) Fixed.
  • If you look at the map inside (cell and world space), the current location is quite a bit off.
  • Hot water color changes from night to day (seems to be standard in Skyrim)
  • The heavy and light wardrobes are slow to open (I am using a wardrobe that animates, so the animation time is delayed).
  • Perhaps there is a glitch where shadows on the outdoor ground are noticeable. I am looking for a way to remove it but am not sure. Fixed.
  • Some object LODs are not displayed unless they are approached.
  • Dwarven Spider disappears after reloading.

___Future update plans_______________
  • Change merchants to Dwarven sphere for arachnophobes. (as option)
  • compatibility with other mods (e.g. frostfall)
  • More compatibility with Radiant Story
  • Adoption of room marker method
  • Change option file to espFE format or Form ID alignment (It looked kind of difficult, so you might as well go yourself. lol)

Jets Resources jet4571
Jokerine's Misc Resources Jokerine 
HoddminirGroundTextures  elinen
Ztrees new rocks Ztree and Elinen 
Lolicept Resources LOLICEPT 
BookSets Resource  Blary
 OpenBooks Resource
Modder's Resource Pack Oaristys and Tony67 
New Plants Tamira
Real Cherry Blossom (Sakura Trees) SE Fridam
Ajisai & Higanbana Flower mod Manjushage
Akashima- An Akaviri Island City Hypn0sef
Hypn0sef Resource Pack Hypn0sef
Insanity's Pillows 1.0 InsanitySorrow
Insanity's Sofas & Chairs 1.0
Insanity's TableCloths 1.0
Hoddminir Plants and Trees Elinen and Ztree, Vurt, SparrowPrince, Ga-Knomboe Boy
Upper Class Furniture Pack V2.0 Monk_ide and Icecreamassassin

dylbill Advice about scripts in the forum, thanks

____Tools used____________
BSA Browser (with .BA2 support)
Lazy Voice Finder - FInd voice assets just you want
TesvCheckEspFiles - Check the missing resource files

___F&Q,and Other Stories_______
Q. What is the origin of the name?
The name "Jakusou" comes from Poem 鵲巣 (means Magpie's nest) included in the Shijing (Shih Ching).
The superficial plot of this poem is about a pigeon diverting a magpie's nest. I believe that an adventurer is a repetition of diversion, so I decided to adopt it because I thought it was just the right name for this mod.
By the way, "Sansou" means mountain cottage.

Q. No mannequins?
I didn't include it in this mod because I don't like mannequins that move by themselves!

Description about the garden(mainly, treated in real life)
Spoiler because of its long

Tsukubai : Stones or other arrangements for bending down to cleanse the hands. It consists of a hand basin for washing hands, a stone to ride on to use this facility, a small stone to dispose of spilled water, and a stone to place a lantern. It also has a "Suikinkutsu", a facility for enjoying the sound of overflowing drops of water falling. You will hear the sound in-game, so you should be able to hear the water drops when you are close by.

Karesansui : Gardens with sand as water. It is combined with ”Roji” that is a pathway to the tea house. However, I have not set up a tea room. Instead, I have placed a gazebo and benches that imitate the waiting area of a tea room. Also placed is Monomiishi (viewing stone), a position for looking out over the garden. Usually, it creates a wave pattern in the sand. However, in-game, Ash texture was used because the suitable sand texture was not available in Skyrim XD

Karetakiiwagumi : Cascade without water, using stones and sand to represent water. This is constructed with a stone bridge at the top of the waterfall, which is known as the Gyokkanryu style.

Karesansui : It is the same garden as above, but it is based on the design of ones at Ryoan-ji Temple. The technique of making the sand higher toward the back to create a sense of perspective and the arrangement of stones in the numbers 7, 5, and 3 are reproduced. Odd numbers such as 3, 7, and 5 are considered auspicious in China and are often used in Japanese gardens.

Sansoniwagumi : Combination of stones with lower stones on either side of the taller stone. This is the basic masonry arrangement in Japanese gardens and is found in many of them. This combination is also used elsewhere in this garden. 

Kamejima and Tsurushima : The island represents turtles and cranes, which are considered auspicious animals symbolizing longevity. I used wood to represent the crane's wings in an abstract way.

Shinji-ike : Pond in the shape of the Chinese character for "heart(心)". I don't think real shinjiike looks like a "heart" character either. On the left side in the pond is an island that imitates Horai. Horai is a utopia where hermits live and immortality medicines are available, but the winds and waves are rough and inaccessible. The inaccessibility is represented by the use of steep stones. The boat in the lower left represents the will to reach utopia. In real Japanese gardens, however, these boats are represented by stones in the shape of boats.

The Nine stones : Nine is a number that has special meaning in Skyrim, and it is represented without any specific object. yeah, i just thought this. 

Rock textures are using 512. Modder also distributes 2K-sized textures so you can change the texture size if you want High-quality textures. Please see credits for distribution address.

Screenshots are taken with the following mod
Cinematic Fire Effects 2 HD SSE edition - DELETED
Dolomite Weathers - Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics II

I will list some mods I favourite. I may have inspired these in terms of design philosophy and use of objects.
If you like my mods, you will like these mods too
Belko's House 
Elysium Estate 
Peaceful Valley 
Alchemists Hidden Valley


全てのDLCとver1.6以降(プレイヤー脱衣スクリプトはver1.6以降が必要みたいなので) SE版はたぶん関係ないです
セクンダの口づけの東側、マーカーは未発見の状態で自動的に追加されます。鍵は入り口にある収納に入ってます 導入で考えた適当な手紙も入ってます


・24時間取引可能な商人 彼は9時から15時までは入り口の近くを歩き回り、それ以外の時間では決まったルートをパトロールします(1.2.0)
・Hearthfire multiple adoptionsに対応(ベッド6つ)(ver.2.1.0)
・武器飾り棚5つくらいと本棚 (ver3.1.0)
メインクエ:2個 デイドラクエ:4個 盗賊ギルド:2個 同胞団クエ:1個 大学クエ:1個 DGクエ:2個 ソルスセイム島のサイドクエスト:2個 ウィンドヘルム:1個


招待可能なNPCの条件:ユニークNPCである/Relationshiprankが1(友人)以上/現在フォロワーではない/首長ではない/執政ではない/首長の私兵ではない/動物ではない/現在配偶者ではない(ver5.0.0以降)/FavorExcludedFactionに属していない(メルセルやアンカノなどが所属しているファクションです 詳細:UESP)


23時から6時  ゲストルームで就寝
6時から9時  ゲストルームで過ごす
9時から15時   曜日や天候によって変わります
    土曜: 屋内(土曜日のみ雨や雪でも屋内で過ごします)

15時から18時 露天風呂
18時から20時 ラウンジでNPCと合同で食事
20時から23時 ラウンジで過ごす


アンジェリア:Height 1, Weight 50
ルシア:Height 0.97, Weight 90
アンティア:Height 0.97, weight 5.0
エルウィン:Height 1.0050, Weight 30
レナーテ:Heigh 0.99, Weight 50

彼女らはクエストをクリアすると家に移動しAI Packageに基づいて行動します。クエスト後はフォロワーとしても雇用可能ですが、特に強くもなくレナーテに至っては戦闘しないと思います。顔も適当なので首に隙間があるかも….(クエストクリアでインベントリに鍵を追加する方法がわからなかったので最初から家の鍵を持ってますが、スリで見ても見なかったことにしといてください)
0時から6時  ベッドが6つあるあたりで就寝
7時から8時  屋内でぶらつく
7時から8時  屋内で朝食(特に場所は指定してないので下手するとトイレで食い始めます)
8時から10時  露天風呂で朝風呂
10時から18時 屋外の各地点で過ごしますが、曜日や天候によって変わります
    土曜: 薪割り・薪運び・ラウンジで店主と給仕(ver.5.0.0以降)
    日曜: 滝の裏の焚火があるあたり

18時から20時 屋外のラウンジで夕食
20時から23時 平日は露天風呂、土日は大浴場でブラブラします。風呂入ってばっかになった
23時から0時 湯上がり的な図書室とベッドルームあたり


・大浴場とサウナと露天風呂(NPCの脱衣スクリプトつき SOSとNFFといった装備スロットをいじるMODと相性が悪い可能性あり)
・Dovahkiin Relax TooのようなMODなしで、プレイヤーとNPCが使用できるアイドルマーカー(家具の形式にしてます。壁と柵にもたれかかる動作などプレイヤーが使えないマーカーもあります)
・独自に調整したサウンドマーカー 内部中央の滝の近くと浴場の庭あたりで聞けます(バニラの虫の声と滝の音を流用してます)
・室内セルと屋外セルでリンクして動作する収納(実験的にスクリプトでリンクするよう導入してみただけで、ちゃんと動作するかわからないです…一応自分で試した時はうまくいってます 似たような仕組みを試した方がいたら教えてくださると助かります)
・オンオフ切り替えできる暖炉の焚き火や光源、窓の戸、シャワーや蛇口 と掛け軸
・室内から空を眺められるようにImge spaceを調整してます。が、室内での天気はシャウトで変更できないようなので変更したい場合コンソールコマンドが必要です。
・プレイヤー専用の脱衣スクリプトを設置してみました。(ver.3.0.0) 脱衣所と露天風呂の勝手口みたいなとこにある籠を作動させると脱げます。全部脱衣ではなく一部装備を脱ぐようにしてます。(メガネやら指輪、アミュレット、猫耳、カラフルマジックの宝石とかを外さないようにしたかったので まあ最近のスカイリムならSKSEで装備の切り替えができるそうなのであまりいらないと思いますが…)

31 - hair
35 - amulet
36 - ring
40 - tail
41 - long hair
42 - circlet
43 - ears
50 - decapitated head [NordRace]
55 - face alternate or jewelry, Ultimate Assortment earrings, ImoMegane - Glasses , Bandolier - Bags and Pouches Classic Right and Right back one
60 - misc/FX
61 - FX01

・"Causes"フラグつきの水。これによりiNeedBathing in SkyrimといったMODで水浴びモーションができるかも知れません(導入してないので不明)(ver.5.0.0以降

ワールドスペースのLODでなぜかドラゴンズリーチなどが見える どうやって解決するのかわかりませんがあまり問題なかったので修正してません。 恐らく修正済み
最初の入り口を出て横の坂を下ったところにある池に謎の強制移動水流がある。CKで設置したら削除しても復活する謎のバグに見舞われて現状修正不可です。 修正済み
庭園の一部の地面が黒くなる 修正済み




Belko's House 
Elysium Estate 
Peaceful Valley 
Alchemists Hidden Valley


Special Thanks

Bethesda Softworks