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Fallout Mod Manager's BSA Browser as a stand-alone application. Fallout 4/Skyrim SE compatible.

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BSA Browser is an application to open and extract files from .BSA and .BA2 archives.

This was forked from Fallout Mod Manager's built-in BSA Browser. It was originally only for .BSA files hence the name BSA Browser. However it's been updated to support .BA2 files as well.

BSA Browser is open source and available from GitHub: BSA_Browser


  • Browse and extract file(s) from BSA and BA2 files
  • Sort by folder, file name, file size, or extension. Ascending or descending
  • Search for files, with optional Regex support
  • Drag & drop file extraction
  • Browse multiple archives simultaneously
  • Recent files list
  • Quick export (See Tools -> Options menu)

Credits on GitHub

Install & Uninstall

Use the provided installer or portable version, which you just extract & run.

Version History


  • Added support for GNF format .ba2
  • Added "Extract Archives..." menu option to extract multiple archives at once
  • Fix crash when sorting without any archives open


  • Added right click menu options for archives to extract entire archive
  • Added drag-and-drop for opening archives
  • Added .bmp, .png, .jpg preview
  • Added .psc preview. Opens in default program
  • Added CLI tool to interact with archives. Available as an option in installer
  • Improved browsing speed. Much less hang-ups when browsing big files
  • Changed extract buttons behaviour. They will now only ever extracts files/folders currently listed, for example to extract only searched files or only files in a folder
  • Changed sorting behaviour. Sort by clicking columns instead of combobox
  • Fixed .DDS preview for Oblivion
  • Support unicode characters in file names
  • Updated lz4 library from 1.0.5 to 1.0.9


  • Added built-in previewer for .DDS files


  • Fix support for older games that was broken in 1.6


  • Added support for Skyrim Special Edition .BSA archives. Huge thanks to B.A.E. (Nexus / GitHub)


  • Added "Close All Archives" menu button
  • Fixed "Cancel" button being unresponsive
  • Removed Offset sorting option
  • Scroll to top when switching sub folder in archives
  • Fixed program crashing when not able to check for updates (e.g. blocked by firewall)


  • Added option for ATI header for textures. More accurate, but only seems to work for Photoshop plugin
  • Fixed files being extracted empty (i.e. filled with zeros)


  • Added support for .BA2 (Fallout 4) archive files. Comes with the same limitations as other tools, I.E. normal maps aren't accurate. For more information download the Fallout 4 tools from F4SE & read the ba2extract note in the readme
  • Added "Check for update" & very small update notifier. Just adds an "(!)" to Help menu if there is an update
  • Allow opening multiple files at once
  • Full file path now shown in recent files, since Fallout 3 & NV share file names
  • Also show a F3/NV tag next to archive name if it's a original (i.e. not a mod/dlc) Fallout 3 or New Vegas file
  • Removed extra columns & related option. Only filename & file size columns now
  • Fixed opening the same file multiple times. Not allowed anymore


  • Fix "Header checksum illegal" error
  • Fix some out of range errors


  • Fix missing DLL error


  • Improved list performance, everything should be a bit faster now
  • Allow wild card in normal search
  • Add option for more columns (File size, offset, compressed)
  • Add shortcuts to open quick extract paths
  • Regex preference is now remembered
  • Search term will now appear red if it's invalid
  • Fix lag when searching, by adding a small delay


  • Fixed window appearing outside the screen's working area


  • Add option to sort BSA directories
  • Add option to toggle maintaining folder structure when using "Extract" button
  • Ctrl + A to select all list items


  • Add currently shown files counter
  • Add ability to create custom quick extract paths
  • Show extracting progress in title
  • Improve folder browser dialog
  • Enable visual styles for Options list
  • Extract files straight to selected folder when using "Extract" button
  • Fix font rendering
  • Fix Progress window "Cancel" button
  • Fix file exists error when extracting more than one file from "Extract" button


  • Fix issue using latest opened archive properties (Compressed etc.) for every archive
  • Improved "Options" UI
  • Improved saving/restoring window state
  • Removed 'Sort' button. Sort by default and save sorting preferences
  • Add simple "About" box to new "Help" menu
  • Show version in window title
  • Don't format file offset, display full value
  • Rename "Close Sel. Archive" to "Close Selected Archive"
  • Installer: .bsa association is optional now


  • Initial release