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An open-sourced Bethesda Archive browser & extractor for all Fallout & Elder Scrolls (Except ESO).

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BSA Browser is an application to open and extract files from .BSA and .BA2 archives.

This was forked from Fallout Mod Manager's built-in BSA Browser. It was originally only for .BSA files hence the name BSA Browser. However it's been updated to support .BA2 files as well.

BSA Browser is open source and available from GitHub: BSA_Browser


  • Browse and extract file(s) from BSA and BA2 files
  • Sort by folder, file name, file size, or extension. Ascending or descending
  • Search for files, with optional Regex support
  • Drag & drop file extraction
  • Browse multiple archives simultaneously
  • Recent files list
  • Quick export (See Tools -> Options menu)

Credits on GitHub

Install & Uninstall

Use the provided installer or portable version, which you just extract & run.

Version History


  • Fixed startup crash after last closing the program while minimized


  • Fixed DDS previewing. Forgot the Pfim DLL, whoops....
  • Improve parsing speed of the "Always show uncompressed file size" option slightly
  • Added option to match last changed date with archive
  • Added option to replace .dds extensions for PS4 textures with .gnf, so you can associate a different program for these


  • Improved DPI scaling
  • Fixed hangup when cancelling an extraction


  • Fixed incorrect display file size on uncompressed files when enabling the "Always show uncompressed file size" option


  • Added icons for file list and folder tree with options to disable them individually
  • Added texture information in Title of the DDS preview window
  • Added .bat files to supported formats for Text Previewer
  • Added confirmation message for emptying recents list
  • Added extraction speed to progress dialog
  • Improved/fixed previewing of F4/Skyrim/F76 textures using Pfim:
  • Improved previewing files outside of built-in viewers, files without extension and without any associated programs will now automatically prompt the "Open with" window
  • Reset user settings for previewing because of above change, make sure to check them again if needed
  • Removed ATI header options for textures, default behaviour now because GIMP/ etc can open these textures now
  • Tweaked font size a bit
  • Updated .NET Framework to 4.7.2
  • Updated SharpZipLib from 1.1.0 to 1.2.0
  • Updated from 1.0.12 to 1.0.15
  • Fixed <Files> nodes not working correctly for some archives
  • Fixed application starting outside of viewable bounds, appearing only in taskbar. Now the top left point of the window will always be visible
  • Fixed saving stack traces to containing folder. If program doesn't have access to it (for example when installing in Program Files) write to '%appdata%\BSA Browser' folder instead
  • Fixed some files not appearing because of mismatched casing
  • Fixed "Always use real file size" option not working at all, and changed the text
  • CLI: Added --noheaders option to extract unsupported textures without DDS header instead of skipping
  • CLI: Added --overwrite option to overwrite existing files. Default behavior is to skip existing files now. Thanks to Wynadorn
  • CLI: Removed --ati option for same reason stated above


  • Added DXGI_FORMAT_B8G8R8X8_UNORM as supported format
  • Added option to disable check for updates
  • Added 'Reset to Default' button to Options
  • Added prompt to extract unsupported textures in BA2 archives without generated DDS header for advanced users
  • Added Discord link in menu
  • Any file can now be previewed by passing it off to OS if there isn't a built-in tool
  • Additionally, added tab in Options where you can disable built-in tool for specific file types
  • Additionally 2, textures that are supported but can't be previewed with the built-in one will be passed off to the system default (GIMP, etc)
  • Fixed creating multiple nodes for same folder because of upper/lower case
  • Fixed Options tab order


  • Added specific error for when reading name table fails, which will inform you to try another encoding
  • Fixed not being able to drag open archives with upper casing extension
  • CLI: Added option to set encoding
  • CLI: Added -i option to ignore errors
  • CLI: Allow hyphens and slashes for options
  • CLI: Allow colon and equals sign for sub-options (-l for example)
  • CLI: Make use of exit codes
  • CLI: Removed encoding being printed to console


  • Added <Files> nodes to directories that only shows files directly under it, excluding sub directories
  • Added text previewer. Including syntax highlighting for .JSON and .XML
  • Added option to set encoding. Useful for non-english environments. Be careful with this
  • Added licenses for third party libraries (should have been there from the start)
  • Added .NIF to previewing in default program
  • Updated to .NET Framework 4.6
  • Updated copyright years
  • Improved window state saving
  • Fixed requiring specific VC++ versions
  • Fixed crash in CLI when trying to set console cursor when one isn't available. Thanks to Bioruebe


  • More detailed report when files fail to extract
  • Fixed opening archives containing special characters in file names


  • Fixed broken extraction for many BSA archives
  • Added links to Fallout 4 and Skyrim Nexus Pages and to GitHub in Help menu
  • All unhandled exceptions are now saved to 'stack traces' folder. Useful when reporting bugs
  • CLI: Defaults to list (/l) option


  • Added option to set max recent files
  • Changed file list font to Segoe UI
  • Updated the progress dialog appearance. The ETA isn't super accurate, but best I can do atm. It's going to be improved
  • Increased Morrowind archive reading speed by up to 387.587% (7s average -> 1.5s average reading the Morrowind.bsa 100 times)
  • Fixed error opening some archives caused by always using system default encoding. This caused errors on some systems, for example systems set to Japanese locale


Note: Previews are getting outdated, many Fallout 76 textures show incorrectly or don't work at all. Gonna look into updating, but it's not my code so not familiar with it yet

  • Implemented DX10 headers for Fallout 76. GIMP DDS support isn't great for Fallout 76, so you might wanna look into Photoshop or other tools
  • Changed how errors are handled during extraction. Extraction continues and a report is written in the destination
  • Updated Progress window
  • Fixed BA2 textures being extracted with null bytes at the end
  • Fixed being able to click extract while one is already active by blocking main window during


  • Fixed some textures causing invalid DDS header error


  • Very early Fallout 76 support
  • Added tool to compare archives. See what has been added, removed or changed
  • Removed "This archive is already opened" message. Bring window to front instead
  • Fixed rare decompress error with certain files (e.g. True Storms, Skyland)