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FavoredSoul's stunning Ultimate Collection of weapons and jewelry converted to Skyrim Special Edition

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A very nice showcase video uploaded by Roarinzero:

FavoredSoul's amazing Ultimate Assortment from Skyrim converted to Skyrim Special Edition. I have optimized the meshes and updated the esp file for Skyrim Special Edition, then tested the items in my SSE to make sure they work. Please refer to FavoredSoul's Skyrim mod page (linked above) for a more complete description and beautiful images of the items.

Some of these items are included in Forteverum's Immersive Jewelry SSE which includes thousands of other items as well and completely overhauls the game's jewelry system. If you already have Immersive Jewelry SSE, installing this mod will only add the mace, swords, shields and daggers, and add all of this mod's items to Belethor's vendor list. If you are only interested in FavoredSoul's wings, earrings and/or amulets from this mod, they are already in Immersive Jewelry SSE.

If you only want FavoreedSoul's weapons and shields, L3st4t has assembled them for you in Armory of the Favored Soul.

All items are for sale at Belethor's General Goods in Whiterun. If Belethor is killed, never fear- Ysolda will take over his shop... unless Hulda is killed too, in which case Ysolda will park herself behind the counter in The Bannered Mare 24/7 and Belethor's will henceforth and forevermore be useless. If only there were some other way to get the items if, Sweet Mother Dibella forfend, some unforseen tragedy should befall Belethor and Hulda... oh, the humanity...


#1) Pursuant to a user request, I have uploaded an optional replacement plugin file (esp) that makes all items craftable while also leaving them for sale at Belethor's General Goods in Whiterun. Nothing about the items has changed- I just added another method for obtaining them. If you want craftable items, install the main mod first then install the optional file and overwrite. NOTE: Do not blame FavoredSoul for my quirky crafting menus. The crafting part is all on me.

#2) Optional meshes and textures added to give the Sword of Truth its own custom scabbard as seen on FavoredSoul's Skyrim mod. REQUIRES MAIN MOD TO BE INSTALLED FIRST, then install the optional Scabbard file and overwrite the main mod's Sword of Truth meshes and textures.

#3) "Jewelry of FavoredSoul" version added. This is a Standalone version that contains only the jewelry, wings and laurel from Ultimate Assortment and changes the vendor from Belethor's to Bits and Pieces in Solitude for better survivability and to resolve conflicts with other mods that use Belethor's.

#4) 12 June 2017- Two Optional files updated to correct missing crafting recipe for Bells' Bracelet: Ultimate Assortment Craftable and Jewelry of Favored Soul. No other changes made. Versions updated from 1.0 to 1.1 on both files. NOTE: the error causing these two updates was all my fault- FavoredSoul had nothing to do with the Crafting recipes on any of these items.

#5) November 9, 2017- Optional CBBE Amulet Meshes for Ultimate Assortment or Jewelry of FavoredSoul. Install either mod first, then install the optional meshes and overwrite.

linqueo has made a Spanish translation plugin for this- install this mod first, then install the translation.

sedna1795 has made a Chinese translation plugin for this- install this mod first, then install the translation.


Skyrim Special Edition for that yummy 64-bit goodness

Use NMM (highly recommended)
Download manually, then extract the archive directly into your Skyrim Special Edition installation folder (usually ..\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Skyrim Special Edition) and activate the plugin file.

This mod contains addon items only and does not 'touch' any items in the vanilla game, therefore it should be compatible with any other mod. If you install this mod on top of Immersive Jewelry SSE, it will produce overwrite warnings on the jewelry items and I don't think it matters which mod's files you choose on those items since as far as I can tell the meshes and textures are identical.

The plugin (esp) file for this mod can go anywhere in your load order after the master (esm) files.

Use NMM (highly recommended)
Manually delete the files and folders from this mod:
..\Data\Ultimate Assortment by FavoredSoul-SSE.esp (file)
..\Data\meshes\favoredsoul\ (folder)**
..\Data\textures\favoredsoul\ (folder)**

**NOTE: As mentioned above, Immersive Jewelry SSE includes some of these same items. If you have Immersive Jewelry SSE installed and are manually uninstalling this mod for whatever reason, just delete this mod's esp file and do NOT delete the \favoredsoul\ folders from \meshes\ and \textures\ or you might break part of your Immersive Jewelry SSE mod. Yes, this clunky uninstallation method will leave some orphan meshes and textures in your installation, but that will not hurt anything- meshes & textures that are installed but never called for in the plugin (esp) file are not an issue other than wasting a tiny bit of disk space, but deleting them when Immersive Jewelry's esp calls for them will result in the items not physically appearing in your game, or appearing as sky-blue or purple blobs.

FavoredSoul for creating these beautiful items in Skyrim
Ousnius for his SSE Nif Optimizer
Bethesda for the SSE CK

FavoredSoul created and owns all assets in this mod. Please get his permission (like I did) before doing anything with his mod.
For my small part, the conversion to SSE, I expressly do not grant permission to upload my conversion to other sites because there's simply no valid reason to do so. Anyone wishing to publicize or offer this conversion on other sites should simply post a link to it here on the nexus from whatever other site they want to use.