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Allow fast travel to towns and cities using road signs.

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Road Signs Fast Travel - Base Object Swapper
This is a mod based on Road Signs Fast Travel, it replaces all road signs using Base Object Swapper with activators that you can use to travel to the place that show up in the selected sign. Now, all that signs will be useful.

  • Travel to multiples places using road signs.
  • Configurable gold cost based on distance.
  • Travel Kit requirement to travel.
  • Survival restrictions when Freezing, hungry, thirsty and tired.
  • Added shortcuts to some places.
  • Support for Point The Way, Lux Via and Weathered Roadsigns.
  • Compatible with Survival Mode and Sunhelm.
  • Persistent settings using MCM Helper.
  • Everything can be disabled using the MCM.
  • Flagged as ESL.

If you have Survival Mode or Sunhelm, you cannot travel using signs when you have any of the two worst states in any need. You can toggle the use of any need using the MCM.

The Travel Kit can be crafted at any cookpit with ale or alto wine, cooked beef or baked potatoes, bread and firewood and is required to travel if the feature is enabled.

It's recommended to use it with mods that adds more road signs like Point the Way, Lux Via or Waymark.

Optional Files
  • Travel Shrines: Adds shortcuts to specific locations. For now, only High Hrothgar and Throat of the World are supported.

As a miscellaneous file, there is the original mod ported to SE and adapted to use with Base Object Swapper.