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Adds more signposts and road signs to Skyrim.

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Waymark adds road signs to nearly every main road intersection in Skyrim. It also adds them to some roadside settlements, fortresses, and town entrances and it will eventually be expanded to cover nearly all roadside settlements, fortresses, and town entrances. Waymark also corrects inconsistencies in vanilla sign posts, and in some cases adds signs to them. The mod's objective is to decrease time following a quest marker or looking at a map, and increase time spent looking at the game.

This mod also adds a small handful of "special" signs, which have a bit more of a story to them. This tends to be minor things, easy to miss but hopefully adding to a sense of worldbuilding for those who notice them. A list of "special" signs can be found in the articles tab if you wish to read about them all, but I'd suggest that the best way to experience them is to encounter them naturally in the world.

The esp is flagged as an esl as of update 1.3, meaning it no longer takes up an .esp slot in your load order. IF YOU ARE UPDATING TO 1.3 READ THE CHANGELOG AND STICKIED POST.

This mod adds new objects to several locations in the Tamriel worldspace. I don't foresee many compatibility problems due to the relative remoteness of the locations. Those signposts placed near roadside settlements and town entrances were placed some distance away in order to help avoid clashing with town overhaul mods.

Other mods that add additional road signs are obviously likely to be redundant when loaded alongside Waymark.

Known Patches
Road Signs Overhaul is compatible with a patch provided on its page. This patch has been updated for 1.3 and is safe to use.

Cutting Room Floor - SSE is compatible with a patch found here. This patch should be safe to use with 1.3
Whistling Mine is compatible with a patch found here. This patch should be safe to use with 1.3

Xbox Version hosted by SkyrimLeona can be found here.
Skyrim Legendary Edition backport by Phinocio can be found here.

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