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Restyles Skyrim's road sign posts for a more realistic and worn look without sacrificing clarity or attention to detail.

Permissions and credits
As Nimbli Bimbli doesn't have time to work on this mod, I took over maintaining it for SSE. Original mod can be found here.

Thank you to the video creators! Appreciate it. Check out their channels and subscribe if you like what you see.

This mods changes the appearance of road signs to a more weathered and more immersive look instead of sterile well maintained road sign posts that were created yesterday and are immune to the effects of the environment over time. At the same time it still provides readable road signs.

Beside overhauling all existing posts it adds new ones at logical places throughout Skyrim (not including the DLCs yet).

Many of the posts differ in design, have additional vegetation or small clutter added to them or around them to enrich the experience of playing the game. In snowy environments the road signs are subject to snow shader effects.

As this mod moves forwards the variations in design will be expanded and changed as well as compatibility patches for conflicting placements will be provided. Also there are a few places left that could benefit from additional road signs and of course patches for mods that add new ones for new locations.

  • Install with the mod manager of your choice or manual.
  • Sorting with LOOT should be fine. 
  • Manually sorting: place after all other mods that might change the position of road signs or add new ones. (e.g. after town or village mods). 

Compatibly patches always work with the most recent version unless stated otherwise.

  • CLARALUX SSE - comes with its own compatibility. When using it, I recommend turning "Road Sign Lights" off for the best immersive effect and to prevent clipping with added vegetation and clutter.
  • Cutting Room Floor - compatibility patch available as an optional download.
  • Blowing in the Wind - patch to physics enable lanterns of this mod available as an optional download.
  • Whistling Mine - compatibility patch available as an optional download.
  • JK's Rorikstead - has two edits moving a stonewall SE of Rorikstead where a road sign post is. Remove overrides for FormID 000E6953 and 000E6954 from its ESP with xEdit if you ported that mod privately to SSE.

If you find any bugs, incompatibilities with other mods like conflicting placements or general issues or if you have a feature request please leave a comment in the comment section. I will regularly check them.

If you like this mod, please leave an endorsement. This is how mod authors measure the quality of their work. And leaving endorsements and comments is a good way to motivate mod authors to keep updating and maintaining a mod.

Thank you for the endorsements. Hot file for the 1st week of June 2017.

  • Q: Can you provide higher resolution textures or a different style?
  • A: I do not have source files in higher resolutions and not the time at the moment to redo all textures from scratch. If you created new ones share them with me and I will include them as an optional download and credit you.

  • Q: I use Win7 and this mod crashes my game!
  • A: All textures are in BC7 format. The support for D3D feature level 11.0 is limited on Win7. Your driver might not support BC7 texture compression. Convert the texture to a different format.

  • Q: How is this different from "Point the Way?"
  • A: Look at the screenshots. Different style, additional small details near the sign posts, more immersive etc.

  • Q: Does this have as many additional road signs as "Point the Way"?
  • A: About the same, different locations usually unless it is an obvious spot to place one.

  • Q: I do not like the snow shader effect on the road signs!
  • A: There is an optional patch in the downloads to remove it.

  • Q: Does this mod affect game performance?
  • A: No.

  • Q: Is this mod safe to install or remove during an ongoing game?
  • A: Yes.

  • Q: I was eaten by a grue!
  • A: Well, it was pitch black to begin with so...

  • Q: Does this mod use any scripts?
  • A: No. Scriptophobes are safe using it.

  • Q: My road signs look completely different than those in the screenshots!
  • A: Remove texture mods that changed the road signs. You probably having loose files overwriting the ones from this mod. You can safely unpack the BSA archive if you want to.

  • Q: I do not like the sign textures, can I used different ones?
  • A: Yes. Unpack the BSA and you see which filenames beside the vanilla ones are used for the posts and signs.

  • Q: I want to create a translation. How do I do this?
  • A: Contact me and I sent you resource files for the road signs to get your started.

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