About this mod

Reupload of Blue Palace Overhaul. Fixed all the bugs pointed and optimized the file. Enjoy :D

Permissions and credits
This mod overhauls the Blue Palace's interior, giving it a layout that matches the building as seen from the outside, and making it look, well, altogether more palace-like (seriously, Bethesda was so lazy when they created this castle).

What Changed from V.4? (older mod uploaded)

The last version was a mess haha I started to work on this mod when I had no idea of how to actually mod cells in the game, so I had some bugs and dirty edits that I managed to fix now. I decided to share as a new mod because a simple update would be harder to get all the users who installed and still have it or even those ones who installed and gave up on it due to all the bugs (I was kinda giving up on this too).
You may still experience some incompatibilities with mods that change the palace, and if so, comment here and I'll see a way to make a patch. 
Hope you have a good time playing with it :D

Special Edition here

• Throne has been centered (ocd problem solved haha)
• Refurbished hall
• New wing with rooms for exiled jarls (in case you fight for the Stormcloaks)
• New bedroom for followers
• New dining room in place of the kitchen; kitchen itself has been expanded and moved elsewhere.
• Added a pool in the basement
• New war room with mannequins and weapon racks
• New treasure room with secret passage through which you can access the docks (The key is in the strong box on the table)
• Refurbished the main room
• Moved Sybille and Falk's bedrooms to a different part of the palace

-----  on the works ----

Hearthfire compatibility by moving with your family in case you marry Elisif 

• Mods that change the interior of the palace such as The Kids are Alright Episode 3 (it adds 3 beds for the children) may not be compatible
• Enhanced light FX: download the patch for it.
• NPC Replacer mods: slight incompatibility; I added packages for the thanes and Elisif to use for the new parts of the palace. If you get black faces on them, you need to place any replacer mod you use AFTER this mod in your load order.
• Any mods that edit the Blue Palace's interior will be incompatible
• Everything else should be compatible.

These mods inspired me to start this project, they're great improvements to the game:

• Proudspire Manor TNF - Hearthfire by goatk
• Lakeview Pool and Hot Bath EX for Hearthfire by sa547
• Solitude Public Bathhouse by Zuzmoo

Zebsi  for the scripts codes

Battle Towels for Vanilla-EVB by radbeetle 

(His and Hers) Battle Towels - CBBE - CBBEPhy - BodySlide - Male by Derpsdale

(this one is originally for Fallout 4 but I ported for Skyrim and retextured it

Sword of the Ancient Tongues by Corvalho1