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This is a special release for Christmas! Hope you enjoy it!

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Winterberry is a property located in Hjaalmarch, just South of the City of Morthal. You can purchase the house for 35000 septims just by talking to Salvor at Moorside Inn. 

The house is fully compatible with Hearthfires and you can adopt up to 6 children. To be able to adopt the children you must have installed Hearthfire multiple adoptions by TMPhoenix and use the spell "bless this home" to be able to move with your family.

-Main room
- Trophy room for your colectables (masks, claws, black books...)
- Dining room
- Greenhouse
- Room for you and your family
- Room for your followers (up to 5)
-Room for your own staff
- (OPTIONAL) Christmas decoration with custom music to bring some festivity to your game :D (you need to enable it in game. Check instructions tab)

- Talk to Salvor at Moorside Inn to purchase the house. It will cost you 35000 septims
- If you don't adopt children, you can ask your steward to exchange the kids bedroom for another guest bedroom
- To add the Christmas Decoration you have to equip the Santa Hat on the lower tabe at the main hall and ask your steward or spouse to decorate the property

Inviting npcs to your house:

Hiring dialogues will onlyappear if you have the key to Winterberry Chateau in your inventory.

- Steward: Any potential follower
- Chef: You can hire someone to be cooking your meals and work in the kitchen
- Employee: Someone to take care of your house
- Bard: well, you know what bards do. To be able to hire vanilla bars, you need to download my other mod Thay's Bards for Skyrim which keep the bard from leaving the house when you request a song.
- Followers: you can ask any potential follower to live at your property. Up to 5 followers
- Guests: you have 1 room for guest by default, but you can invite 2 npcs if you turn the children's bedroom into a guest bedroom
- Children: Download Hearthfire multiple adoptions and use the spell "bless this home" inside the property and then call your children or adopt any homeless one to live with you. You need to bless the home for your spouse as well
- Spouse: You can just move in with your spouse to the property using  Hearthfire multiple adoptions  method, but I still advise you to invite through Winterberry dialogue, so your spouse will have more packages and use more parts of your property. To move out you need to talk first using Winterberry dialogue and then using vanilla dialogue

The property is located outside Morthal's borders and I believe it's safe to use with towns and cities mods, but will be incompatible with any mod that is situated at the same area.

I'll be adding incompatibilities here as I get feedbacks of mods changing this location

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My dear friends from modding community Falagar, serkethetytphatbassanchor4l3nZ4Rthesarantis, kozakowyYellowbird11modmanmasonphoenixfabricio, MrKinkku and so on... :)
All my friends from Skyrim UnlimitedSkyrim Mods & ModdersAdventurer's GuildThe Elder Scrolls & Fallout Brasil. These are awesome Facebook groups if you fancy having good Skyrim content and mods :D Also check the discord servers.


The songs used are copyright free, but here are the sources and the awesome artists who provided them :D Thank you!

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Video source: Ann Tomada

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