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Adds Visual Animated Enchantments effects to Summermyst weapon enchantments

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Heads up! I've been thinking about making other patches of this kind since there seem to be so few. If you have a favourite enchantment mod and want it to have VAE effects, let me now. I can't promise anything but I'll look into it.

I've added Visual Animated Enchantments effects to all Summermyst weapon enchantments I could find. The elemental/poison/drain enchants all got the respective effect from VAE, curse themed enchants got the soultrap effect and most other enchants just got the chaos effect. I tried to stay away from the effects used for Unique weapons such as the deadric artifacts. The only exception is that I used the effect from Dragonsbane for some Dragon/Shout related enchantments. Note that I didn't (and can't) make any new effects.

If you spot any enchantments I missed or think that some enchantment doesn't have the proper effect, let me know and I'll see what I can do about it.

I haven't touched any of the vanilla enchantments because there's already a patch included here. I highly recommend you install it if you use VAE and Summermyst.

This plugin does not count towards your plugin limit.

Simply drop the esp file into your load order or install via your favorite mod manager.

Load Order
Load after VAE and Summermyst.

Make sure to load any other mods or patches that change any of the Summermyst enchantments after mine, as this patch would likely override their changes.

Qwinn's Refined Visual Animated Enchants shouldn't conflict with this patch as I made it with that in mind. So the order relative to it doesn't matter.

As noted above, This patch will conflict with anything that alters the new Enchantments added by Summermyst. It does not alter anything included in VAE though.

Authors Note
If any of the Mod authors involved in the mods mentioned here have a problem with my uploading this, let me know and I'll take this down. If you stumbled across this patch without knowing about these mods, make sure to check them out!


- 0.1.0
Initial Release

- 0.1.1
The following enchantments had their effect changed to purple2 (same as vanilla soul trap) to look more sinister, evil and curselike: Clumsy, Threshold Death, Dim Vision, Threshold Wail, Illusory Burden, Momentum, Karma, Skyhook, Sound, Imprisonment, Drain Damage, Mindbreaker and Pale Shadow

- 1.0.0
+ Added Description to ESP
+ Added Author data to ESP
+ No longer in Beta