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celadoneiron and L3st4t - Sinobol - Guilaster

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Tweaks the appearance of enchantments from Visual Animated Enchants. Reduces size and brightness to work better when using ENB, alters flame mesh shapes on unique weapons to fit more closely, and adjusts some colours. ENB Complex Particle Lights version available!

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I love Visual Animated Enchants, but ran into problems when using it with some ENB presets, especially in first person - the effects were so big and bright that I couldn't see anything else unless I disabled my ENB altogether. I started fiddling with the effects to make them work better for my own setup. With permission from L3st4t, Sinobol, and Guilaster, I'm sharing these changes with you.

Now with ENB Complex Particle Lights!

  • General: "Overflowing" magical effects (the ones with swirling particles) have had their radius reduced. They extend the same length, but are much thinner, and are less bright as a result. Aiming a bow in first person should be significantly improved.
  • General: The sheet-of-flames visual effects for unique weapons have had their meshes reshaped to follow the original weapon more closely. This affects Chillrend, the Ebony Blade, and Harkon's Sword.
  • Complex Particle Lights version: Effects will illuminate nearby objects when in third person view. Some effects are brighter than others. This feature only shows on player weapons when in third person - that's a limitation with how ENB Complex Particle Lights work.
  • Dawnbreaker: The overflowing/comet particle effects for the Dawnbreaker effect have been re-coloured to use the same gradient as Turn Undead spells.
  • Chillrend: The flash-on-draw effect now uses frost effect colours.
  • Ebony Blade: The flash-on-draw effect now has its own unique texture and colour.
  • Dragonbane: The lightning-bolt effects now use the same colour gradients as shock runes. The flame effect near the hilt has been removed because of fast flickering and abrupt cutoff, and the lightning-bolt effects have been made more pronounced to make sure that the weapon still looks fancy. (They're still thin enough that they shouldn't interfere with visibility.)
  • Harkon's Sword: The flash-on-draw effect now uses a similar purple to the flames.
  • Lunar weapons: The overflowing/comet particle effect on weapons with the Silent Moons Camp enchantment has been re-coloured to a pale silvery-blue.
  • Turn Undead: The overflowing/comet particle effects have been re-coloured to use the same gradient as Turn Undead spells.
  • Sun Damage: The overflowing/comet particle effects have been re-coloured to be a softer gold.


Click here for an album of before-and-after images. These screenshots were taken while using Obsidian Weathers and Silent Horizons ENB. (This means that the "before" side doesn't show what Visual Animated Enchants looks like on its own or when using an ENB that doesn't have the same impact on brightness and glow. Please keep that in mind, and don't judge the quality of the original mod by the way it appears in these screenshots.)

These changes have been made to suit first-person gameplay and ENB usage, so if you play in third person or without ENB, the visual effects will be very subdued. They're still visible, but in some cases they're hard to see. Similarly, enchantments on weapons used by NPCs can be difficult to identify, especially at a distance. Using the Complex Particle Lights version will make the effects more visible in third person.

The reshaped sheet-of-flames effects were made with the vanilla weapons as a reference. My screenshots show them in use with weapon replacers (LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons, SavrenX Lux Weapons, Cathedral - Armory), and they should work with most replacers that have a similar silhouette to the vanilla weapons. But if you're using one that changes the model drastically, it'll probably look weird.

AVAE should be installed after VAE and allowed to overwrite its assets when applicable.
AVAE's ENB Complex Particle Lights version does require ENB Light. However, AVAE changes the same files as ENB Light's optional VAE patch, and can't be used at the same time as that patch.

´╗┐This mod requires Visual Animated Enchants (VAE) and will do nothing if you don't have that installed already. I recommend installing Qwinn's Refined Visual Animated Enchants as well, and my testing was done with that mod installed.

I'd love to be able to showcase some more screenshots of what the tweaked effects look like in other people's games. If you'd like to share some of your screenshots, it'd really help if you could specify which weather mods and ENB and/or ReShade presets you're using, so that people can see what they look like under different conditions. I'd really appreciate it!