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A remake of glaciers and ice objects in Skyrim.

Permissions and credits

This is my attempt to improve glaciers and various ice objects in Skyrim giving them more detailed view with mixture of realism and fantasy.

Holy Glaciers includes:

1. New textures for glaciers, ice and icicles.
2. Upscaled LOD textures for LOD generation.
3. Meshes with higher polycount, additional snow layer and tweaked UV maps.
4. Changes to snow shader on various static records.

Holy Glaciers uses meshes from popular mod Northern Ice.
I would call Holy Glaciers a continuation of this work.

The screenshots were taken using NVT ENB (Obsidian ver.) + Cathedral Weathers preset as well as handpicked landscape textures. Depending on your setup the ingame look may be different.


Install manually or with your mod manager. Let it overwrite conflicting files.

You can use Holy Glaciers alongside Northern Ice. Latter mod includes ice cave textures which Holy Glaciers doesn't have. 


This mod alters static records only.
This mod does not change or add anything to worldspace or cell records.
For LOD generation use Dyndolod.

Holy Glaciers is fully compatible with my mod Holy Mountains and was designed with it in mind.

Holy Glaciers 
is compatible with:
1. Other mods changing snow shader (Better Dynamic Snow and alike).
2. Ice Cave Parallax Improved

Holy Glaciers is incompatible with:
1. Other retextures of glaciers and ice.
2. Transparent and Refracting Icicle (I will consider making a patch)
3. Skyrim 3D Icefloes

Load order

Load Holy Glaciers as low as possible to keep changes to static records. Dyndolod should catch them up.

Important note:

Some other mods may include glaciers and ice meshes. If you load these mods after Holy Glaciers, it will not crash your game but some meshes will be overwritten and may not look as intended.


Textures source:
Meshes source: Northern Ice 

T4gtr34um3r were very kind to give open permissions to use their assets.
Please download and endorse their mods.

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