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This mod gives unique models to some loot containers and names them respective to the faction they belong to according to game records.

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There are actually a lot of different types of loot containers in Skyrim. However most of them are simply identified as "Chests". Moreover the majority of them are visually identical and use the same models. For instance, despite having separate game records most of the loot containers in dungeons use two standard models: wooden chest for small containers and ruin chest for large ones.

This mod currently does two things:

1. Distributes 9 differently textured models across existing loot container records.
2. Gives containers somewhat more unique names.

Why do you need this?

Not only this mod adds variety to existing furniture and clutter models, it also allows you to distinguish loot chests and have certain expectations of the loot you can get from them. 

The general pattern is as follows:

Container that has record name "TreasWarlockChest" will now be called "Warlock Chest". It gets new distinct model. The size is the same as in vanilla.
The larger version of the same container (with rarer and better loot) that has record name "TreasWarlockChestBoss" will now be called "Large Warlock Chest". It also gets new model. The size of this model is larger as it is in vanilla.
Some containers already have unique models (e.g. Dwarven, Falmer), they were only renamed to follow the general pattern.

You can find more info on containers here.

List of containers which received both new names and models:

Bandit Chest
Imperial Chest
Stormcloak Chest
Forsworn Chest
Orcish Chest (will use ingame orclonghouse textures to blend with the environment)
Giant's Chest
Warlock Chest
Vampire Chest
Hagraven Chest
Afflicted Chest
Werewolf Chest
Riekling Chest
Explorer's Chest
Treasure Chest

List of containers which received only new names:

Ancient Chest (found mostly in nordic ruins)
Dwarven Chest/Container
Falmer Chest
Snow Elves Chest

List of containers that this mod does not touch:

General Chests (that are used more like a furniture)
Trader's Chests
Thieves Guild Chests

Important Notes:

Some faction chests are so rare that I used similar models for them (e.g. werewolf chests use bandit chests model).
I decided against renaming small version of bandit chest and left it as "Chest" to avoid confusion, because it is widely used across Skyrim and is often placed inside buildings and dwellings. This means that you will only find Large Bandit Chests.
Changing default models doesn't mean that default chests will vanish from the game. Small wooden chest will remain preset in game, but you will see it less often. Same for large ruin chest.

I know some basics of working with textures but making changes to meshes is beyond my capabilities at the moment.
So if someone wants to contribute to this project I am more than willing to cooperate.


This mod alters only container records and only applies to them new names and new paths for meshes.
This mod does not change loot from chests.
This mod does not alter worldspace or cell records.
Mods that place loot chests referencing existing container records will benefit from this mod.

Mods that alter same records and thus are not fully compatible atm (those that I am aware of):

Lock Related Loot
Skyrim Coin Replacer Redux
Containers and Leveled Lists Fixes - Complete Loot Overhaul
Morrowloot (minor clipping at Dwarven Chests records)

I am planning to add compatibility patches in future, but if someone wants to do it faster, please do.
Load this mod below temporary incompatible mods to see changes or make a patch in xEdit by dragging Name and Model Filename records.

Recommended mods

This mod is a good companion for these popular mods:

Skyland AIO
Spice of Life - Orc Strongholds SE
Rudy HQ - Nordic Ruins SE
4K SMIM Large Ruins Chest
4K SMIM Small Ruins Chest
4K SMIM Furniture Chest


Model source:

Kelretu's Modders Resources (WIP)
kelretu gave open permissions for using his assets. I notified him but haven't yet received the reply.
Please download and endorse his mods.

Texture sources:

For snow covered chest I used johnrose81's texture from his project Skyland AIO.
He was very kind to allow me to do so.
Please download and endorse his mods.