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Only 1 mounrain/rock texture?. Nope. Same as my other mods i like variety so i added 8 rock textures, one for each region and also for whiterun tundra or eastmarch. New rock moss for tundra and The Rift is also included. Parallax for ENB version.

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Like i did for Immersive roads i tried to make different textures for each region or places. So rocks and clifts (the stone clifts) have now diferent textures for the Rift, the Reach, Whiterun (3), Eastmarch and one overall for mountains and forest zones. Mountains have all same texture since is hard to change all but if mod have any success i can try also to make different mountains for each region.

What is new?:

- In whiterun tundra you can see now 3 different rock types and another with moss.
- In Eastmatch 3 diferent rock types, one with sulfur or whatever is called (more yellow because of the volcanic landscape) and for small pools.
- The Reach 1 new rock textures for small rocks and clifts.
- The Rift 1 new rock texture for rocks and clifts, also a new rock with moss.
- Riverwood and forest areas gets the overall rock and mountains texture.
- Tundra rock moss also updated and new one for The Rift.

-11-15-04 Realistic water 2 patch added.

If you use a ENB set FixParallaxBugs=true in Enblocal.ini

1- Download the files you want and install via NMM or copying content into Skyrim/data folder and click "yes" when prompted.
2- Activate the .esp files in NMM.
3- If you want to use any optional file, chose the file and install via NMM or copying content into Skyrim/data folder and click "yes" when prompted.

Recomended mods:
The most important mod is a landscape mod that fits with the rocks. I worked with mine (Tamriel Reloaded optional landcapes) but it must work ok with Skyrim HD or Amidianborn also tested on vanilla and looks nice.

My other mods: