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Kersplat! Yazoo! Shazam! Croc, legendary hero of the Gobbo Archipelago, has arrived in Skyrim as a small but fully-voiced follower mod. Where will you take him? A lovingly ripped-off fan homage to the greatest platformers of 1997 and 1999. You're welcome.

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Kersplat! Shazam! Yazoo! It's Croc. Need I say more? Oh, all right then. He is a smol, loveable Argonian fren inspired by the wonderful games of 1997 and 1999. He looks as much like the video game hero as I could manage in ten minutes with Skyrim's character creator. Think you could do better? You're almost certainly right. He is, however, fully custom voiced by moi with around 50 lines of dialogue. Mostly the word "toodly". I consider it some of my finest work to date.

Anyway, if a cheerfully incomprehensible backpack-wearing crystal-obsessed buddy sounds appealing to you, head on over to Riverwood (original, I know). On one of the barrels outside the Sleeping Giant Inn, you shall find a mysterious book entitled "Spell Tome: Summon Croc." Cast it, and he is yours to bring on adventures for as long as you can put up with him.


Note: This is a fan work inspired by the character originally created by Argonaut Games for Croc: Legend of the Gobbos and Croc 2. Absolutely no assets or designs from the original games are used in this mod. All voice acting is newly recorded specifically for this mod, which will only ever be distributed completely free of charge. No attempt is made to assert ownership over the character of Croc.


  • Smol crocodil frendo.
  • Around 50 lines of fully-voiced dialogue.
  • Extremely useful summon spell that definitely works as intended.
  • Cheerful humming.
  • Immersive backpack (but only if you have a backpack mod).
  • Hours of fun.


None, but he'll only have his backpack if you're using one of the mods listed below.


Please don't try and use follower management mods (AFT, iAFT, EFF, NFF etc.) on him, as he'll break.


Download the archive and, preferably, activate it via a mod manager such as NMM or Vortex. If you don't use a mod manager, you can extract the esp and bsa and place them in your data folder instead.


I'll be honest, I don't really plan on updating this unless it turns out I've messed it all up and it's horribly bugged. If I do, though, it should be safe to update mid-playthrough. Uninstall the old version, either with your mod manager or by deleting Croc.esp and Croc.bsa from your data folder. Then download and install the new version. Do NOT load up the game in between these steps i.e. without Croc installed. This used to be called making a "clean save" and is a bad practice which will irreparably ruin your save. 


Skyrim as a rule does not support the uninstallation of a mod mid-playthrough, so I can't provide any support if doing so causes you issues. However, if you need to uninstall Croc for whatever reason, you can do so using your mod manager or by deleting the esp and bsa from your data folder.

Mod Interaction

Croc does not interact with other mods. It's literally just an April Fool's joke I threw together over a weekend, what do you expect. He, does, however, have a nifty patchless system to automatically give him a backpack if you're using any of the following mods:


  • Q: Where do I find Croc?
  • A: You can summon him using Spell Tome: Summon Croc, which can be found on one of the barrels outside the Sleeping Giant Inn, in Riverwood.
  • Q: Can I marry him?
  • A: Absolutely not.
  • Q: Can I adopt him?
  • A: Nope.
  • Q: Can he ride a horse?
  • A: Not a chance.
  • Q: Does he have quests?
  • A: He does not.
  • Q: What level is he?
  • A: He should scale alongside you.
  • Q: I found a bug!
  • A: Sorry about that - please let me know in the Bug Reports section and if I can't pretend it's an intentional Feature, I'll get it fixed ASAP.
  • Q: What are your future plans for the mod?
  • A: None, I'm afraid.
  • Q: I have an idea for a feature Croc should have.
  • A: That's lovely but I won't add it.
  • Q: I'm a modder and I'd like to make a patch/translation that modifies Croc in some way.
  • A: Go for it, but I'd appreciate it if you could let me know first.
  • Q: Why did you make this?
  • A: Hehe funny crocodil go woo
  • Q: Shouldn't you be working on Lucien instead? We've been waiting for an update for over a year.
  • A: Sorry what was that, I'm going through a tunnel, I can't-


  • Joseph Russell - Writing, voice acting, implementation, etc.
  • Argonaut Games - Creators of the original Croc games, on which this character is based (no assets are used from the games).
  • The fine folks of the Humble Hearth Discord - Testing.

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