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A collection of backpacks based on the torturers knapsack in Helgen keep

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Knapsack Backpacks


Version 1.1
  • Fixed a bug with the large brown backpack not showing, you may need to recraft the backpack to fix it, or you can force it to adjust by equipping it with the knapsack padding.

Version 1.0
  • Converted from orginal Skyrim mod.


This adds a collection of (20 in total) craftable backpacks.

There are 4 sizes to choose from and 5 different colours, all craftable at the forge under the leather category and require leather, leather strips and deer hide:
  • Thin Knapsack: +60 Carry weight
  • Medium Knapsacks: +60 Carry weight
  • Large Knapsack: +80 Carry weight
  • Huge Knapsack: +100 Carry weight

If you wish to wear the backpack with a cloak or something else attached to back, there is an optional 'Knapsack Padding' item you can craft at the forge, under the misc heading, which will place the knapsacks further from the body to (hopefully) avoid any clipping issues with cloaks and such. Simply equip/re-equip the knapsack with the 'Knapsack Padding' item in your inventory to make this happen. (Remember to take the padding item out of your inventory if you don't want this to happen.)


The backpacks use slot 47 and are compatible with Frostfall, Sabre Gear Backpacks and Wet and Cold.


Note on bows, quivers and cloaks: There are going to be clipping issues, especially with bows and quivers. Hopefully at least one of the backpack sizes will be 'good enough', but you should expect clipping problems with other back worn items.