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I will add ELDEN RING weapon animation to SKYRIM, turn your SKYRIM into an ELDEN RING with 130+ animations.

This collection contains the original SKYRIM all types of weapons, and can be used for NPC.

Permissions and credits
1.1 New OAR version is added and is compatible with the latest payload, it is recommended to use this version

CPR patch also added
(21 June 2024), please read details below,
and it's only work with OAR version

MODS Introduction:

Collection content
All SKYRIM weapons, and make the dual wielding mode of all one handed weapons have different animations, you use dual wielding daggers and dual wielding longswords will not be the same attack mode

Includes the following weapon animations
Fists,Swords,Daggers,War Axes,Maces,Greatswords,Battleaxes,Warhammers

Dual Wielding:   Swords,Daggers,War Axes,Maces

Some weapons exist special attacks, such as dual-wielding AXE, after the installation of ELDEN RIM, press and hold the sprint button + attack will enter the special attack

Compatibility and extra features


When you install SCAR, NPCs can also use these animations, the animation has been written in the AI comments, so the NPCs will not look like a fool when they attack you, they will judge the distance between the enemy and me to strike


When you install ELDEN RIM, you will get a variety of stagger effects, the enemy can also use these effects, when the enemy uses this animation package, you will be caused by the enemy special stagger

3. Combat Pathing Revolution
The NPC combat pathing will become smarter, CPR adds; advance, back off, circling and fallback to the NPC's movement. With SCAR, NPCs are becoming even smarter. Check the details on that at CPR mod's page.
Please note that priorities has been changed to be higher than SCAR's default moveset. Adjust it accordingly if it's needed.

Incompatibility Issue:
Combat Pathing Revolution (CPR) becomes inactive if the user installs a mod that changes the equip.hkx and unequip.hkx animations, such as "Weapon Style for IED" or any similar mods. That is because CPR adds annotations to these animations.
However, it is compatible if users keep the default settings or do not change the NPCs equip and unequip animations. You can still modify the equip-unequip animations for your character, as CPR and SCAR do not affect the player character.

SCAR effect demo
(Player animations are demonstrated in the video section of this mod page)


maxus2017 Great module author, provided me with a test version of SCAR and gave me guidance
ersh Great module author, SKYRIM can't do without your work,Provide me with some help on precision
distar66 You have created an excellent combat system that makes SKYRIM look like a modern game
Felisky I can't imagine a world without DAR
alexsylex The emergence of AMR solves the problem of SKYRIM skating

Future Plans

Animations of all armory weapons, and some other weapon types

Other weapon types my Twinblades (SCAR)

ADXP I MCO ER Twinblades (SCAR Precision)

If you want to support me

This is not a thank you list, this is a list of thieves, players take care to avoid them:

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