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This is just an esl plugin which contains necessary "Keywords" so that Mod added Special Weapons can get their own cutom icons in SkyUI Menu.

Permissions and credits
This mod is for "Dear Diary"
 / "SkyUI Weapons Pack SE"

You can see the icons from "Dear Diary / SkyUI Weapons Pack".

The Icons are for Mod added Special Weapons: Spear, Whip, Claw, Javelin, Rapier, Scythe, Pike, Gun, Katana, Quarter Staff and Halberd.

But to show the proper icons on SkyUI Menu, these weapons need to have proper keywords in their own records. These keywords are defined by
"SkyUI Weapons Pack". Here are the keywords which are mentioned in that mod's page.


These keywords need to be present in the weapons' records. And Here's where my mod comes in. My mod contains these
custom keywords all have form IDs start with "01". So my mod only requires "Update.esm" just like
the keywords present in "Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes".

My mod's keywords can be used in any mod added Special Weapons because those mods only need to have "Update.esm"
in their master file lists.

The Mods those add the above mentioned Special Weapons:

[Done](1) Animated Armoury : It adds Pike, Halberds, Rapiers, Quarter Staves, Claws, Whips

[Done](2) Animated Armoury-DAR : It adds Pike, Halberds, Rapiers, Quarter Staves, Claws, Whips, Katanas

(3) True Spear Combat-Weapons and Animations : It adds Spears, Javelins, Halberds

[Done](4) Ordo Legionis : It adds Guns

[Done](5) Flintlock Pistols for Adventurers : It adds Guns

[Done](6) Vigilant: It adds Guns, Spears, Rapiers, Quarter Staves, Katanas, Scythes

[Done](7) Glenmoril : It adds Guns, Scythes, Rapiers, Spears, Pikes, Halberds, Whips, Katanas

[Done](8) Lore Friendly Rifles of Skyrim : It adds Guns

[Done](9) Immersive Weapons : It adds Halberds, Katanas, Quarter Staves, Scythes, Rapiers(Stings)

[Done by Other](10) Heavy Armory : It adds Pikes, Halberds, Quarterstaves

(11) Unslaad : It adds {I'll look into the file to give proper list}

(12) Aegean Sentinel Halberd : It adds Halberds.

(13) Cosmo-War Scythe : It adds Scythes.

Required Files:

Dear Diary
SkyUI Weapons Pack SE

They are not actually required by my mod. But without one of them my mod won't do anything at all. Use only one, not both of course.
I prefer "Dear Diary". It integrates "SkyUI Weapons Pack" within it and much much more. Check out "Dear Diary" now.

Compatibility with other mods and mine:

As I said earlier my mod only requires "Update.esm" and my keywords' FormIDs start with "01". So it is compatible with any mod.
You can add my keywords as long as your mod has "Update.esm" in its master list. That's all.

Ways to utilise my mod added keywords:

 #You can manually add proper keywords to the weapons with the help of SSEEdit


 #You can give keywords with the help of Keyword Item Distributor

I will keep uploading files to ensure the above mentioned mods added Special Weapons get their proper icons in SkyUI Menu.