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Complete MCM quest & item tracking of Skyrim, official DLC, Creation Club (Including Anniversary Edition) and a whole boat load of popular quest mods available here on the Nexus!

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Completionist - Skyrim Completion Tracker (SE-AE)


Completionist comes as a FOMOD and can easily be installed with your preferred Mod Manager by simply clicking the "Mod Manager Download" button.

What To Do and Check:

This mod replaces some vanilla and USSEP scripts as well as some from supported mods. The script edits are required for the Radiant Quest Tracking framework built into Completionist. If you have other mods providing the same scripts then a merged script compatibility patch will be required.

The scripts this mod overwrites are:

Supported Mods (Dynamic Tracking - No ESP):

Included Compatibility Patches (No ESP):

Compatible Mods (No Patch Required):

How to use (Quest Tracker):

The quest tracking system is fully automatic and designed to be as user friendly as possible. All quests are tracked automatically as well as Radiant / Repeatable quests. The mod includes a Radiant Quest Handler that allows you to specify how many times you want to complete that specific quest before it gets updated as complete in the MCM. In this latest version the quest tracker has been fully redesigned and improved with the use of more modern code and better practices. I do not have the time to verify that every single quest updates properly but I have tested most of it. If you come across any quests that are not updating in the MCM and showing as "Complete" when they should be then please raise a bug report with as much information as possible and I'll make sure to get it updated.

How to use (Misc Tracker):

In the latest version of Completionist there is automatic tracking for pretty much everything in the game. Unread Books, Undiscovered Locations (With a feature to place a marker at the location for easy finding), Unique Items, Shouts, Pets, Homes, even Fishing! the list goes on but you get the general idea but here is a little bit of info I feel like I'm going to get constantly asked.

Pet Tracking - Just ask them to follow you and Completionist will see that and update the MCM.

Shout Tracking - Once you have unlocked a word, just use the shout to update the MCM.

Player Homes - Varies depending on how they are set up, Vanilla homes will update after purchasing and visiting the house. CC houses will update generally on purchase or quest completion, and homes from Nexus (Wyrmstooth, Clockwork etc.) will update after quest completion and visiting the house.

Fishing - You actually have to "Fish" for Completionist to update the "Catchable Fish" tracking, picking up dead fish on the roadside just won't cut it. This mod also provides Map Markers (CoMap Compatible) for all fishing spots with location tracking. I know there are mods out there that provide Map Markers for fishing but I didn't like how they mostly just named them "Fishing Spot A" etc. Also I didn't want to have to add another requirement when i could just do it myself in Completionist with tracking support and unique naming. 

Mod Requirements:

Ok so I pretty much reached the limit of what I was able to accomplish using Papyrus and so Completionist now ships with a DLL Plugin to handle the stuff papyrus wouldn't let me do. in short the Plugin is a major part of this mod and pretty much nothing will work without it, I have included a Plugin for users still on 1.5.97 SE but depending on user downloads the SE version may be dropped if its not worth the time to maintain 2 versions.

Mandatory Requirements:
Address Library
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Fishing Creation (AE Version)

Recommended Requirements:
CoMap - Required for Completionist's "Fishing Spot" Map Markers. (AE Version)
moreHUD - Required for HUD icons (version +).
moreHUD Inventory - Required for HUD icons (version +).
Dear Diary / Dear Diary DM - Completionist was developed using this, if you want to use something else then go ahead but don't complain if text is clipping or missing etc.

If you have any queries or feature requests you can reach out to me on Discord at K1ngTr4cker#0239