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C.O.I.N. is a fantastic mod by TateTaylorOH and VictorF. This mod allows you to exchange your coins from C.O.I.N. at general goods merchants instead of auto converting the coins.

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  • Ukrainian
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The concept of finding other coins besides Septims in dungeons is something that makes the world feel much more grounded and realistic.
One of the neat features of C.O.I.N. is that it serves as a lite economy mod. Each coin has a different value relative to a Septim. C.O.I.N. achieves this by auto converting the coin you pick up into its worth of Septims. This is a really creative way to put a dent into the amount of gold you retrieve from dungeons.

However, there are many times I wish I could pick up and keep the coin itself. Particularly when playing a character that likes to collect artifacts or other items.

Therefore, this mod makes the following changes to C.O.I.N.

  • Ask general goods traders to exchange your alternative coins for gold. Picking up a coin will no longer auto convert it to Septims. 
  • If you have any of the coins on your character the option to exchange them will be available for selection. The merchant will take all of your selected coins, and give you the appropriate amount of Septims.
  • The appropriate amount of gold with be deducted from the vendor's available gold.
  • If the vendor does not have enough gold, they will only take the coins from you that they can afford. 



This mod has compatibility options in the installer for the following mods: