Skyrim Special Edition

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Complete overhaul of the female head appearance. Improved meshes, better animations, more beautiful CharGen morphs and less extreme race morphs.

Permissions and credits
Freyja offers a complete overhaul of the female head appearance. It provides a new, more aesthetically pleasing head mesh, new eye meshes, new mouth meshes (human and orc), new race morphs, new CharGen morphs (customisation options like noses, eyes, lips, sliders etc.) and new, more expressive animations.

The new meshes result in more beautiful female player characters and NPCs, with some of the most notable changes being:

  • Normal-looking elves - no weird eyebrows, pointy chins and emaciated faces
  • More human-looking orcs - no snouts, no ridiculous underbites, no crooked teeth
  • Normal-looking vampires - no emaciated faces, but long fangs
  • Less extreme slider options  - less extreme facial features, no characters with mouths down on their chins and eyes up in their hairline
  • Beautiful eyes, nose and lips customisation options - more beautiful female characters and NPCs in general
  • More expressive animations - more lively speaking animations, more distinct mood indicators and generally more life-like movements

Patches with other mods: Freyja - Female Head Mesh Overhaul - Patch Center
Versions for other games: Skyrim | Skyrim SE | Enderal | Enderal SE
Male version: Freyr - Male Head Mesh Overhaul
Comparison pictures: Google Drive Archive
Xbox port: coming soon

Note: I recommend that you use Freyr - Male Head Mesh Overhaul and Comely Coiffures - Vanilla-Style Hair Overhaul alongside this mod.

Freyja is a file replacer. It replaces the NIF and TRI files that serve as building blocks for the female head appearance (FaceGenData). These files determine how each race, CharGen option (customisation options like noses, eyes, lips, sliders etc.) and animation looks. Since every character is built and animated using these blocks, Freyja ultimately affects the appearance of every NPC and the player character.

All these files have been redone from scratch by me. I took great care to create aesthetically pleasing appearances and animations that look beautiful and lively but still somewhat realistic.

For a list of the replaced files, go to the "Files" tab and click on "Preview file contents" on the main file.

See the "Compatibility" article.

See the "Installation" article. (Don't be intimidated by the length of the article, the installation itself is quite simple, the instructions are just very detailed.)

See the "FAQ" article.

Blender Foundation, for Blender
Autodesk, for 3ds Max
apenov, for Nif Plugin for 3ds Max 2015-2018
NifTools, for Nifskope
Anton0028, for Animation Tools N2 - edit TRI files
Gka1, for Cathedral Assets Optimizer
Niroku, for Expressive Facial Animation -Female Edition-
ElminsterAU, for xEdit
Nukem, for SSE CreationKit Fixes
Bethesda, for Skyrim and the Creation Kit
SureAI, for Enderal: Forgotten Stories

I dedicate this mod to SureAI, for creating Enderal: Forgotten Stories, the best story-based RPG of all time, which motivated me to create this mod.