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A collection of patches for Freyja - Female Head Mesh Overhaul.

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This is a collection of patches for Freyja - Female Head Mesh Overhaul.

There are two types of patches:

Patches for texture replacers
These patches contain the adjusted textures of the specified texture replacer.
The steps I took to create the patch are explained in the "Installation" article of Freyja.

Important: The texture replacers work perfectly fine without this patch, but the face texture details might not fit the aesthetic of the new mesh from Female Beauty perfectly. This is why the patch exists.

Patches for mods that add and/or alter NPCs
These patches contain the FaceGenData of the specified mod exported with Freyja activated. 
The steps I took to create the patch are explained in the "Installation" article of Freyja.
Only the base game, Female Beauty and the specified mod (and eventual required mods) were active when the FaceGenData was exported.

Important: Because every mod load order is different, and you might have mods installed that further alter the NPCs of the specified mod, it is not guaranteed that the patch will not give you grey facesThis is not a bug of Freyja (or of the patch), but a normal phenomenon of mod orders, and an appeal to you to export the FaceGenData yourself.

I will periodically expand the collection of patches. You may request patches in the comments (given the mods you request them for are not pornographic), but I offer no guarantee that I will actually create them - again, the best approach to take is to export the FaceGenData for your mod load order yourself.