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In the vanilla game there are really only two fonts for all books, notes & journals. One of which can be made bold.
This mod adds over 100 fonts to the books, notes & journals of Skyrim and Legacy of the Dragonborn creating true variety.

Permissions and credits

Isn't it funny how EVERY book in Skyrim uses the same font. Are they all printed on the same press? How EVERY threatening letter, EVERY bounty, EVERY inheritance letter and EVERY contract are all penned by the same hand. Why do they toy with us?

How are the ancient texts you retrieve from the depths of long forgotten tombs EXACTLY the same as EVERY well used copy of 'The Lusty Argonian Maid'?

This mod aims to change that by extending the fonts of Skyrim & Legacy of the Dragonborn.
No longer will the work orders of Maluril Ferano, a long dead Dwemer, be confused with the ramblings of the Butcher who terrorises the moonlit streets of Windhelm!

Support for Sovngarde, Font Overhaul, Dear Diary, Enderal Font, Roboto, Sanguis, Morrowind, SSEMFR, Dark Souls III & God of War menu font replacers.
Adds over 100 different fonts to the books, notes & journals of Skyrim & Legacy of the Dragonborn whilst being consistent to the author.
Includes 13 extra sets of Illuminated Letters.
Almost every book, note & journal from the vanilla game and LotD has had new tags added (some left as vanilla for extra variety).
Added a new tag for the players written thoughts which can be edited in the fontconfig.txt.
All tags are can be edited from an upgraded fontconfig.txt so, if you don't like a font in this pack, you can replace it with one of your favourites.
Vanilla font tags have been left untouched for maximum compatability with other mods that add books, notes or journals.
Errors in vanilla falmer books have been removed/fixed. (Falmer don't use punctuation marks!)

A clean save is recommended as it is not wise to remove mods during a playthrough as there is a chance it will break your save.

Just make sure this is loaded after LotD and any other mod that alters the contents of books or fonts.

If your favourite interface font replacer isn't listed just edit the fontconfig.txt manually to match the one in your font replacer.

Optional test books can be installed but these are just examples that I used for testing purposes and ONLY work with LotD installed.

I have included untested Russian and Polish fontconfigs.

Recommended complimentary mods:
Scribes of Skyrim Patches by DeathByPewPew which adds support for CACO, CCOR & Odin.
Scribe of Skyrim compatibility Patch by Trazibol which adds support for Books of Skyrim, Cutting Room Floor, DSTL & Not So Fast - Main Quest.
Interface font replacer like:
Sovngarde - A Nordic Font
Font Overhaul - Natural Typefaces for Skyrim
Enderal Font for Skyrim SE
A mod to improve the general look of fonts like:
No More Laser-Printed Books
Font Overhaul - Natural Typefaces for Skyrim
A paper texture replacer like:
ElSopa - Papers HD SE
Realistic Paper (This is for LE but works fine in SE)

Bold and Italic tags only work for the vanilla fonts.
Only English version supported. Unsure how these fonts will behave in French, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese.
If the untested fontconfigs cause issues let me know and I will remove them.

Future Plans:
Turn this into a script/synthesis patch which would probably help with language support (I currently have NO script-fu, so this could take a while!).
Add support for other languages (This would require collecting supported fonts so help from some native speakers is a must for this).
Add a distinct font for every NPC who writes at least 2 letters/journals.
Add bold and italic versions.
Add more sets of illuminated letters.
Integrate typo fixes.

Thanks to:
Eckhart, evercharmer, Gajil, nanpraw, Sosthur & ZodsWorld for use of their SWF font files.
Special thanks to MaGlas for both creating the 12th Century font & SWF and allowing the use of it.
DeathByPewPew for Scribes of Skyrim Patches.
Trazibol for Scribe of Skyrim compatibility Patch.